Truth: Versace Salvaged Edge of Glory For Me

Okay so I am a huge, ridiculous Lady Gaga fan for numerous reasons. But I have to say, Born This Way has taken some time to grow on me, especially Edge of Glory. But watching the video gave me new found faith in the song.

Yes, definitely one of her more subdued videos, I mean she wasn’t wearing caution tape, sunglasses made of smoking cigarettes or body condoms … she just rocked one Versace look, which I think worked with the song … minus that orange beret she was wearing on the stoop with Clarence Clemens … what the hell was that about Haus of Gaga?

Quite frankly everyone is so busy being bored to tears by this video and neglecting the fact that she is paying tribute to Gianni Versace and his last living collection by wearing a piece throughout the entire video. Donatella NEVER lets anyone borrow from the collection, and because Gaga always pushes the limits, she felt her brother would have appreciated it.

The video is aesthetically interesting and embracing retro eighties magic. I mean I miss the good old days of just dressing like a hooker, sitting on my stoop and dancing on my fire escape. Audrey Hepburn did it in Breakfast At Tiffany’s for crying out loud … well, she didn’t dress like a hooker and was singing Moon River … to herself. I digress though …

Even Gaga has to scale it back at some point. I mean what is next for her, having sex on stage? Giving birth on stage? Wearing another person? People are expecting it now, so the fact that she kept it hooker-chic, with a badass wig and Clarence Clemons works for me.

Ps. I wonder what the inside of that smoky apartment looks like? Thoughts?

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