Does Your Personality Have a Designer Label?

Personalities … if they were actual tangible things you could hold in your hands, would yours have a label on the back of it, or inside on the seam like a shirt? Would it say preppy, goth, hipster (whatever that means), poser, snob … or something else perhaps?

I get this feeling in our society that we feel like we need to label who we are and what our style is all about so we can clearly define who we are and what we believe in to the general public. In terms of labels, a hipster, for instance, would never walk into J. Crew and buy a pair of navy blue whale pants, pair it with a crisp white polo shirt, pop the collar, slide on a pair of Sperry’s and hit the town … would they?

As I sit here looking at my closet, I don’t know if I can clearly define my “label.” There are plaid button downs (which PS every time I wear it … there is most definitely a guy within 50 feet of me wearing the same one), sequin dresses, lacy, flowing hippy tops, skinny jeans, blazers, faux fur and beyond. I got a little bit of everything, but I will not sit here and pretend I do not roll my eyes at those “J.Crew/Banana” women … because I do and openly admit I would not be caught dead in a pair of “whale pant-esque” type things. And sometimes, while shopping, I stop and think to myself, “is this me, or is this me desperately trying to be something I’m not in order to be like that woman’s sense of style I so envy.”

And in a day and age when people are so forward with labels … gay, straight, bisexual, republican, democrat, and in the wake of the lack of rapture … atheist, I almost feel like to have a sense of style you need to join a “party.” The hispter movement, the preps … the goths … the people who spend too much money to try to look like they don’t give a fuck.

A friend of mine said recently something about not being gay, straight or bi … but a humanist … meaning you have love for every human and do not discriminate against anyone. In terms of fashion and style … that is such a refreshing concept. If only the preps could unpop their collars and put on a grungy $2 shirt from a vintage store, walk out the door with slept on hair, put on some neon shades and live life.

My personal style does not have a label … but it does have stitching wounds from me trying to label myself a prep, a CAP (Christian American Princess … a high school term), a hipster … which I assume most of us do. I love that my closet has numerous layers, colors, styles and trends. How refreshing to have a sector of your life where you can create, form and be whomever you wish every day of your life, as long as you don’t let the label ruin the fun.

Your Opinion Is Requested

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