Something I Would Sleep Outside For …

I’ll admit it, I have missed all of the great lines at Target due to laziness and forgetfulness … shame on me. Okay maybe one time I almost scored a John Paul Gaultier dress but it just wasn’t meant for me.

But starting on Sept. 13 ladies and gents … you can find me sleeping outside the doors of my local Target to get my hands on some Missoni garments and accessories. There is said to be a men’s, women’s, children’s and home wear collection coming from the Italian designer. Can you picture it now, every aspect of my life decked out in Missoni … sigh.

Why am I extra obsessed about this collection when I let some of my favorite designers for Target slip through my closet cracks? The classic Missoni colorful zigzag pattern is flawless, delicate and most importantly … timeless. I’m not talking about timeless in a Burberry plaid fashion since everyone, their mother and dog tend to have something Burberry printed across some aspect of their lives … but I’m speaking in one of a kind terms.

And those days when I have time to wander through the couture section of Nordstrom, I always keep my eye on those Missoni dresses, even though I know you need to be a negative five to look attractive in them since they show every nook and unforgiving cranky. I consider them pieces of Italian art that I would be more than pleased to hang a piece of in my closet.

Now I just need to find a sleeping bag, some pepper spray (for fear of creepers … sleeping outside in public is a dangerous feat my friends) and I will be the proud owner of a Missoni garment … hopefully … who is with me?!

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