1970’s Nails … Are Back

Since the first time a file hit my nails decades ago, there was no other thought but to square them off. Rounded tip nails immediately make me think of Palmolive commercials from the 1990’s and bad actresses from the 1980’s that got their “big break” on shows like Matlock.

In typical Gaga style, the Born This Way leader of the world of pop has dragged this retro trend into the millennium, which I resisted for quite some time. But just like I had to listen to Judas 100 some odd times to like slash understand and enjoy it, I had to see this trend in action on the pages of Vogue and on J to the L-O’s hands to think, well maybe it would be worth it to give this bad boy a whirl.

Sometimes a person’s look needs to be updated or given a little edge if you will. And if you can’t go out and dye your hair purple or get a tattoo sleeve (as much as you may desire but silly things like work atmospheres ruin those punk rock dreams), this can be a great little edgy fix to quench your thirst for change.

Take that file, drag it across those squared edges, round them out and throw on a pop color, like Cha-Ching Cherry by OPI. If you need color-spiration, watch the music video for Telephone and go with any of those Warhol pop colors.

I mean grandmothers and nuns are wearing hair bows for crying out loud screaming through the streets “don’t be a drag, just be a queen,” so clearly we all respect how strong Gaga’s grasp is upon the world of fashion.

You win Gaga … you always do.

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