Love Letter to Forever 21

Dear Forever 21,

I have been in a committed, borderline obsessed relationship with you since 2005. Even though I know our relationship has not been monogamous, since every girl ages 20-35 are pretty much in a relationship with you as well, I let it go and do what I can to make it work. Like I know I can only go visit you early in the morning or late at night so I can get peaceful, uninterrupted, quality time with you and not have to deal with those throngs of crazy ladies shuffling through your goods.

But since 2005, I have gone from a girl in college looking for cheap day-to-day clothing and “bar shirts and dresses” … to now needing and wanting a bit more, like fabric for instance on your itty bitty dresses. In college it was totally acceptable buy a cute dress that if a gust of wind came and your ass happen to show, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Now I did not “sell my soul” when I got my first job or my second job. I never compromised my sense of style and to this day, have NEVER had to wear a suit to work (thank ya Jesus). But there is something said about a dress that is an appropriate length. Yes, I am 5’9 with long legs (I am not bragging), therefore every dress I try on barely covers my ass, and most of the dresses these girls can wear, I can wear as a long shirt. Do you see my frustration?

I am now 24 years old, two years deep into my career and in need of about an extra three inches on EVERY dress that is sold in your store. I’m not a prude, I’m all about rockin’ it if ya got it … but literally every single dress, minus the maxi’s, are at an inappropriate length. I know women of all ages … 34, 65, 20 and beyond that shop at your store, yet what about those ladies who love your clothes, but need to go to work and want to look edgy and fabulous? I know you are trying to keep us all “Forever 21,” but honey, I’m 24 and know deep down that THAT ship has sailed onto more tasteful, yet sassy fronts.

So please, for the sake of our relationship, invest in a bit more fabric and add some inches onto your fabulous, summer dresses. I couldn’t deal with walking into your room, trying on a fantastic dress, and realizing I look like a hooker … a hooker in a cute dress … but a hooker.

Tall girls have needs to.

Love forever and probably see you tomorrow,


One thought on “Love Letter to Forever 21

  1. AMEN! It is so frustrating to find the cutest dress and realize the only way you could wear it is as a shirt.

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