Kissable: My First Pair of Designer Shoes

Some weeks, days, hours are just heinous. But if you happen to be at the right place, at the right time, your bad day could turn into the day you scored your first pair of designer shoes … FOR FREE … like I did.

Hello Miu Miu stilettos … welcome to my closet! No one wanted them, so I just couldn’t let them sit neglected anymore now could I?! I have no idea what their name is, what year they were made and how much they were … but I like to think of them as the first pair of vintage heels that will go in my “vintage heels” section of my fantasy, Vogue-esque shoe closet.

Can I walk in these? Absolutely not, but I’m working on it everyday, it is now apart of my work out regimen. You know, wearing them to get the mail, do the dishes, hell I’m wearing them right now as I type. Being that these stilettos officially make me around 6’1, 6’2 … and the scrumptious gold heel itself being a toothpick, I have some walk work to do before I can premier these at the next event I have to attend … which technically doesn’t exist … yet.

So after a bumpy week of life throwing banana peels down in front of me so I trip, I gotta say this was the buttercream frosting on my designer cake.

And another big moment for the 5 foot 9 inch girl who once refused to wear a heel over one inch for fear of being the jolly green giant and towering over all the short boys in high school now rocking four inch stilettos and embracing her height … finally (only took 24 years).

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