Psst, I Have A Secret: Ladies Re-Wear Their Clothes Sometimes …

No, this does not make me a Kate Middleton fanatic and no I do not stalk her every move. I do on the other hand think she is fantastic, and she gets bonus points for sharing a name with me, I digress though.

I do have an issue with people complaining and caring on about her re-wearing outfits. GASP! I mean for the love of God, all of a sudden she is a Duchess and no longer human?

1. This is NOTHING … and I repeat … NOTHING wrong with wearing the same outfit during a trip or even, might I suggest, during the week. It can’t be something bold, but hey, if you have a simple black dress and wore it on Monday and want to rock it again on Friday, switch it up with different shoes, accessories, hair or makeup and there you have a totally different look. And if someone says something to you, they clearly have too much time on their hands.

2. How much clothing do you think the average woman has? Yes, she is Kate Middleton who could probably call Sarah Burton anytime of the day to have her whip something up, and yes she probably has millions of designers all over the globe begging for her to wear their garments. But a girl likes what a girl likes. And quite frankly, who wants to travel all over the world with millions of clothing options only for them to potentially get ruined or left behind. Keep it simple and stylish when on the go is what I say.

3. Again, she is Kate Middleton and probably has numerous minions lugging her nonsense all over the place, but at the end of the day she is HUMAN. Even if I had other people carrying my belongings around, I would still be paranoid that they forgot something. If anything, she is being a smart packer, something I envy.

4. Did I mention she is human? Everyone always bitches about how unobtainable celebrity lifestyles are. How did they get that mansion? Who could afford to wear 15 different outfits a day? What kind of girl has a personal stylist and hairdresser? Immediately people think, snob. Kate, on the other hand, keeps it real. She likes what she likes and hell, you would be a liar if you didn’t admit that there was that one outfit you love so much that if it were socially acceptable you would rock every day. I know I do.

So the fact that she re-wore that white Reiss dress from her engagement photo and it turned into such an outrage, just plain old sucks. What even happened to “girl power?” If I owned that dress I would wear it to the gym, work, out for drinks, watching T.V. and cleaning the dishes. Beautiful garments like that are not meant to be worn once.

Let’s embrace our recession friendly Duchess who is on her way to becoming a style icon who the American public can relate to. If in the near future she flips the diva switch, I will kindly delete this post, but until then, you go Kate Middleton, you go.

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