Jeffrey Campbell, You’ve Done It Again You Saucy Minx

Jeffrey Campbell is an evil genius … and by evil genius I mean his shoes literally distract me while I’m innocently trying to walk through the Nordstorm shoe department in order to get to the mall. I get thrown off so badly that all of a sudden I black out and wake up hours later in a pile of fierce shoes wondering, “should I get this one, or do I NEED this other one more?”

If you aren’t familiar with his work, A. Go to your closest Nordstrom right now and meet the glory that are his shoes and then try on as many pairs as you can for funsies. B. Go on and there you will really get to understand how truly beautiful and fascinating his work is. I also demand you download the fall/winter 2011 look book because I want to print out every page and turn it into wall paper … THAT is how God damn good it is.

Sure, these are not every day shoes, but that is what is so genius about them! Who truly needs a pair of, my personal favs, the “Backbow Bootie?” The answer is no one, but they bring fun and color, joy and questions to life. I mean when I see all of his shoes that are so colorful you kind of want to eat them like candy, it makes me want to punt my safe black, brown and beige pumps, which, even though I loathe the phrase, I gotta say it … are oozing with boredom.

Listen, if you need a little flair in your life, a pick me up, just want to taste a bit of a throw back, decided you’re done being vanilla and want to spice your shit up, or hell … if you just need to smile … check out his collection that is being shown at department stores like Nordstrom.

When it comes to these shoes … don’t think, just do. Don’t wonder if people will point and laugh, or question what people think you were on when you purchased them, or that you are a freak, or that you all of a sudden turned into a disco giant. Just have fun and experiment, that is what fashion, not style, is all about my friends.


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