Bucket List Item: Being Photographed for Street Style

The first time I ever encountered Street Style photogs was the first and only time I got to walk through the tents at Bryant Park for New York City Fashion Week, a.k.a one of the best days of my life. I literally stood there and watched these women, who were not to my knowledge famous or an ace in the fashion industry, come dressed in these elaborately beautiful outfits that really stood out. If you passed them on the street, you would most definitely have to do a double take. All of a sudden these skinny, short photogs dressed in black would pop out and start shooting them for no reason other than for Street Style. My eyes widened and that, my friends, is where my obsession started.

Now Street Style is EVERYWHERE, literally all over the world and probably in your city. Most fashion publications do it now and honestly it is a refreshing way to learn about trends. It is like a fashion show that everyone, well the people who live and breathe fashion, can partake in. I get A LOT of my new style ideas just by observing street style. For instance, I was on my way to happy hour the other day and I saw a bohemian looking girl rocking a maxi skirt with a really cute, cropped t-shirt, and since I was having difficulty finding something to wear with my own maxi skirt, I instantaneously got inspired and wore it the next day. If I was a tiny little photog dressed in black, I would have totally taken her picture.

I am a big fan of NYMag.com and their fashion blog, The Cut, in fact their reporting on Street Style might be my favorite because the pictures are beautiful and the people they choose are absolutely worthy of being praised for their fashion sense. But I see these women and in an envious tone think to myself, how can I be shot for Street Style. I personally don’t believe in running errands or even going out to get coffee in sweat pants, so at the least I will throw on a pair of leggings and go for the heroin chic look, if I just woke up.

So I will not be coy with you, I would die the happiest person on the planet if some random person on the street with a camera came over to me and wanted to take my picture because my outfit was so randomly fabulous. I’m still pondering if I would just stand there and smile, or do the Kate Moss pout, or have both hands on my hips and do the “Vogue” hunch forward and look to the side … hmm … I guess would depend on my outfit …

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