Don’t Shame The Dress Just Because It’s Good!

Okay so we all have that … I believe Beyoncé referred to it as the “freakum dress.” That one dress that fits us like a glove, hugs all the right spots and makes us feel like we could strut the catwalk. When you try this dress on in the fitting room, at least I know I want to jump up and down, put my hands on my hips, strike a model pose and look at myself in every angle on my tippy toes.

So you buy said “freakum dress” for a specific occasion, wear it, hit it out of the park … and then what? You had a great night in it, met lots of fantastic people, fantastic things happened … and when the night is over, is it supposed to be sucked into the vortex of your closet never to return? According to society, yes … that is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen. Would Kim Kardashian be caught in the same dress she got at Bloomingdale’s twice? HELL no … so why, the average Josephine, should we? Oh THAT’S right … because I’m NOT a Kardashian … rriiiigggghhhttt.

I swear, we live in a world now where it is quite easy to think of yourself as a celebrity with our social media, smartphones and high-speed careers. And it has been pounded in our heads that it is such a faux pas to wear the same dress numerous times. For example, when I went to New York this weekend, I brought two different dress options with me, one was new and the other was my freakum dress that I had worn about three times prior. I put on dress number one and EH, but when I tried on my freakum magic, I IMMEDIATELY felt shame because I had worn it so much, no matter how fantastic it looked. Luckily my wise friend that I was with asked me why I was shaming a dress because it was good and immediately I snapped out of it. (So wise that one).

So why didn’t I want to wear my go-to dress? Well, I was worried that I had been photographed in it numerous times at different functions. What? Hi self, YOU AREN’T A KARDASHIAN. It isn’t like these photos would end up on the cover of US Weekly with a headline that reads, “Kate’s Freakum Dress Strikes Again,” or “Wardrobe Repeat Kate.” Let’s be honest, the only place those pictures would end up is Facebook, and if you are sitting on Facebook counting the times I re-wore the dress, well Jesus, God save you. I also fear bitchy people recognizing me wearing the dress and calling me out for it. Hey, those jerks DO exist are out there.

We aren’t celebrities, and if you are … I am green with envy, let me tell you. But I’m assuming everyone reading this is probably not famous  … so if you have a dress that you love and could kiss and makes you feel like the minute you step out of your house paparazzi will be standing there flashing cameras in your face … wear it dammit and wear it good! Wear it as much as you want, because good dresses come few and far between. I’m not giving you the green light to rock every weekend, because, well that would be a little over the top, but you get the idea.

Dresses are meant to be worn, not to be retired after one wear like a one-of-a-kind piece of couture. Thank you to my lovely friend for these fabulous words of wisdom. I rocked the hell out of my freakum dress in New York City because I refuse to shame another fabulous dress I own. Sometimes … it is okay to not have to keep up with the Jones.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Shame The Dress Just Because It’s Good!

  1. Agreed. Agreed AGREED. I really feel like people are nuts for not wearing things twice(except for your wedding dress, of course!). If something makes you feel THAT good.. you’re crazy not to wear it twice, three times, as many times as it looks good and isn’t unfashionable.

    I respect the Duchess more because she rewears things that look good. And she looks good.. ALL. The Time. If she didn’t wear things twice.. she’d probably end up in something that didn’t look absolutely perfect. In these times(so lame, I know!) its good to have someone to look up to that invests in peices and WEARS them.

  2. Thanks for calling me wise, friend. You rock that black lace, woman! And rock it repeatedly! It’s not the dress’ fault it’s badass.

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