It’s The Worst Time Of The Year …

… for several reasons. 1. Summer is winding down, yet it is still make your head want to explode hot out. 2. School is right around the corner for you kiddies. If you’re going back to college I hate you and you probably DON’T mind this time of year at all, but the rest of you are probably hatin’ life right now and … no I do not envy you. 3. (And most importantly) There are absolutely no clothing options out there. None. Zip.

I like to call this time of the year “awkward transitional period” where stores have no idea what the eff to put out. Fall clothes are arriving in mass volumes, yet it is still a bazillion degrees outside and they just want to get rid of all the summer nonsense to make way for the fall duds. So what happens then? This weird mixture of picked through summer clothing with a sprinkling of good finds here and there, and the fall lines taunting us saying, “you know you want me, so what if it feels like the dark tombs of hell outside … I’m wool … put me on your body, I swear I won’t be prickly and cause you claustrophobia issues.”

So introducing shopping A.D.D. I just went out to get some cute dresses, maybe some sandals … but when I came across the long-sleeved shirts, jeans and light fall sweaters, I immediately start revamping my original goal of the shopping mission. Thoughts started running through my head like, “well, there are really only a couple more weeks left of summer, so why would I buy sandals when I know I’m going to need boots in a few weeks. BUT THESE SANDALS ARE SO DAMN  CUTE … AH” and then my head exploded.

Not to mention I truly do not appreciate the “in between lines” that some designers pull out to help us “transition” between seasons. Like we get it, it’s fall … it is really unnaturally cold in the mornings and then turns into like a 75 degree day by the afternoon, but no thank you, I do not need a sheer three-quarter length crop top to go with my skinny jeans. I’ll dress in layers like a normal human being and disrobe when the temperature deems appropriate.

So as you can see through my frustration, I am just not ready to commit to buying fall clothing yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m DROOLING over the fall lines this season and can’t WAIT to start adopting them, I just don’t want to have to buy them NOW and have them grow dust in my closet, the anticipation would kill me quite frankly.

Ah, how I dream of the day when I can walk into a store and start hoarding fall clothes … one of my favorite past times. Until then, I will just have to suffer with the dreadful shopping A.D.D. :::Sigh:::

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