Kissable: Punctuation Tights … Period.

Okay first of all, no, that is not stock photography or some picture I found off of Google images to the left, that is rockin’ mother. Yes ladies and gentleman, even I have to admit that the woman has the tendency to out-dress me on numerous occasions, this time being one of them. This outfit, which she wore to work, is a Theory dress with shoulder pads, my favorite part, and punctuation tights from American Apparel … genius. Consider this my version of Street Style.

So back to these fabulous tights. Maybe because I’m a copy editor / writer that I find these to be so fabulous, but I’m in love with them and if I owned a pair … I would probably kiss them.

They are sheer tights, so it gives the illusion that your legs are tattooed with number signs, colons, exclamation points and many other symbols … does it get any better than that? 

AND … the parenthesis … goes right around your left knee cap . Uh huh American Apparel, hats off to you my friends.

What I really love about these tights is that they allow for every type of person with a sense of style to wear them. Someone with a purple mohawk and piercings who worships Satan and plays in a death metal band could throw these on and continue on with their badass persona. But, if you are a fashion fiend, like my dear mother here, who enjoys the simple, fierce black dress from Theory … she too can rock these tights and not abandon her fashion beliefs.

I know American Apparel can sometimes seem overwhelming, or strange, or make you want to tilt you head and say “what the eff” to some of these items … but here and there you can find pieces that work with your wardrobe and bring out your inner fashion vixen.


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