The Clink Clank Strut

Ahh shoe shopping, a females favorite pastime. But I’m going to be brutally honest here, in no way, shape or form could I possibly buy a pair of Louboutins (Loubs as I like to refer to them as) or any other pair of shoes that could potentially be a rent payment without having to sell myself on the street at night.

I love me some good deals, so whilst shoe shopping, I’m drawn to finding stylish, interesting shoes in the price range I desire. I daydream of the time when I can walk into the shoe department at Saks and have to make the ridiculous decision of “should I have the Loubs or the Dior boots,” but until then, I refuse to be a brand snob … call me an equal opporSHOEnist.

So I buy the shoes that are fabulous deals that have fantastic style, and quite frankly I do not give an eff about brands. If you’re going to scoff at a great pair of Rocket Dog pumps that are on sale for $20 … JUST because they are Rocket Dog… well, more for me quite frankly. But with the style and low price tag comes consequences. Yes, perhaps my feet may kill … because when I buy a pair of heels, I wear … them … OUT. But I’m talking about the ULTIMATE consequence. :::Cue lightning bolts:::

So let me set the scene for you. I happen to work in an office where carpet is minimal and stone flooring is EVERYWHERE. So in the morning I strut down the stone ramp to my desk … thinking positive thoughts of how utterly fantastic my day will be … and then … it happens. The wretched clink clank.

You know what I’m talking about, kind of like if a pirate was to walk down a catwalk with a peg leg. That uneven wretched noise of one heel walking normal and the other one dying slowly because the heel is so worn down that the metal inside of it is exposed. And that metal to stone sound echoes throughout my office so everyone knows … hey … my one shoe just kicked it … hard. And there is nothing you can do but keep strutting to your desk, sit down and look at the exposed heel … and perhaps curse a little as you observe the damage … like I do.

This is where I become torn. I love the shoes and quite frankly they are not at that stage in their existence where I can toss them and say to myself, “hey shoes, we had some good times together, RIP muffins.” NO, there are more good times to come dammit! But oh yeah, I only paid like maybe between $20-$50 for you … and is taking them to an expensive Cobbler (yes they do still exist) worth it?

After doing a little research, since I’m too lazy to visit the Cobbler and yeah … I’m quite cheap when it comes to things of this nature, I found in order to salvage these shoes, all it takes is a little cap over the exposed heel, which run between $8-$10 dollars. AND you can buy them online! Websites like  not only sell new heel tips, but show you how to fix this menacing issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cobbler’s … I think their profession is badass, but when it comes to a minor issue such as this … and being that I probably paid close to nothing for the heels themselves … I would rather cheaply and efficiently fix the issue myself.

So luckily, no funeral at the shoe graveyard for me!

One thought on “The Clink Clank Strut

  1. You seriously just saved my life with this! I’m embarrassed to tell how many pairs of shoes in my closet have suffered this fate…and remain unrepaired because i refused to pay $20 to get them fixed. I’m going home tonight to measure away and place a big order!!

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