Yep … It Happened … I’m a Maxxinista …

Nothing invokes more rage into my body than watching those blasted T.J. Maxx commercials. It was one thing when they had their “buyer” Genevieve … a.k.a. an underpaid actress, on them explaining how, “when she scores we score,” and something about how she’ll turn a fashionista into a maxxinista … blah blah blah. Okay, at least I got to see their thought process on how they get trends into the stores, right?

But then they decided to direct marketing initiatives to the hipsters and poor college students of the world, letting them know …  hey kids, you can find really outlandish and one-of-a-kind shit at T.J. Maxx too … riiiggghhhtt. They took an art major, hipster persona and blew it out of the water. She’s that girl who is really rich but acts and dresses poor, with the fabulous fashion sense and eclectic wardrobe, who lives in the city and rides a bike in a long flowing skirt and has jet black hair, pale skin and wears bright red lipstick. Yeah … that girl is a TOTAL maxxinista … let me tell you.

My favorite line: “I get this seasons designer trends … that I absolutely need … and I still get to eat.” Wow … that’s attractively blunt. Listen, I was the broke as a joke college student not too long ago … I get it. You want to keep up with those bitches who can afford to actually buy books, rent, tuition, food AND booze other than Natty Light AND have a fabulous wardrobe to lure all the boys to the yard. But really T.J. Maxx … no one actually talks about it. That’s what roommates were invented for … three meager to average wardrobes forge into one fantastic selection of options. Boom.

So … yeah … their advertising drives me insane … I’ve been a HUGE hater. BUT I’m all about a good deal, I just don’t like having to shuffle through racks and racks of jumbled up crap only to find that one piece of gold. So I prefer the stores like Lohemans and Nordstrom Rack that are organized by brand … AND … I don’t have to fiddle through shirts that say “I’m Hottie and You’re Nottie” and other nonsense I couldn’t give less of a shit about.

But today … I found myself in T.J. Maxx since it was the closest store to my house and it was dreadful outside. Their designer section isn’t too shabby, which I try not to wander around in because I get a little sad that I STILL can’t afford anything. But because I was bored from fiddling through those god damn over packed racks … I found myself tip toeing into the designer goods for funsies … and that’s when I found it. This Elizabeth and James black blazer for $154 … originally $300. It was beautiful … timeless as a matter of fact. An investment piece and fit me like a glove.

I’ve decided … from now on, I’m going to buy investment pieces for my wardrobe. And this is what I told myself to justify this expensive purchase. I will have this blazer forever … well … or until it becomes so outdated and out of style that people will throw things at me in the street.

Eff … I think I’m a maxxinista.

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