FINALLY! Something Not Hurricane Irene Related: The VMA’s 2011

I’m so happy the VMA’s didn’t suck this year because these awards shows are the sunshine of my life, especially after Hurricane bitch just came through and wreaked havoc on my area all weekend. But I hate the shows when no one cool attends and they just get a comedian who is drunk off his/her ass who isn’t funny to host (hello last year). Luckily this was not the case.

We are coming off of award shows where Lady Gaga really stole the fashion show. First a meat dress, then entering the Grammy’s in an egg … I mean over the past couple of years, she kind of broke down all the barriers of what is considered “appropriate” to wear to one of these events.

But ladies, for the LOVE of CHRIST. Just because   Gaga finds a material, metal, object or slab of meat that she fancies and decided to turn into a garment DOESN’T mean you can walk around Toys R’ Us and make a dress out of anything you find.

I swear some of these outfits at the VMA’s were a God damn eye sore. Hello trying too hard. You have pushing the fashion boundary … Gaga … and then you have the “I’m trying to push fashion boundaries by going into a daycare, stealing all of the toys, making a dress out of them while also making it look like a rainbow got violently ill all over me.” I don’t GET IT.

And the best part was, Gaga, DRESSED LIKE A DUDE. It was effing GENIUS. Simple black pants, a white Hanes t-shirt, and a black blazer. No makeup, no sparkles (unfortunately) and no frills. How do you like her now over achievers?! I think Joe Calderone gave her a clean slate. He is like the fresh coat of paint over her eclectic fashion background, for now, which hopefully neutralizes everyone from dressing so crazytown for no reason but to be “edgy.” Ick.

I realize anything and everything in the fashion industry is fair game right now. It is all about art and expression, which I respect and love. But I almost feel like you get to a point where you take a look too far and do too much with it for the sake of a trend or movement … and you lose the art and what makes it special and original. (Insert Katy Perry here)

Long live Joe Calderone … more of that PLEASE. I could totally get down with menswear.



One thought on “FINALLY! Something Not Hurricane Irene Related: The VMA’s 2011

  1. Totally agree. The crazy outfits just blend into one, and I end up not remember them. Right now I’m just thinking about how flawless Adele and Beyonce looked. See how you can stand out WITHOUT showing everything/crazy patterns/just plain crazy everything? There is something to be said about being understated in a world where everyone is wacked. Those two outfits were the standouts for me(Adele and Beyonce) because they were trendy, looked good, and were styled well.

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