Happy Unkie Karl Day!

I clearly have no concept of time. I had these big plans of taking a half day (yes I know I’m crazy) to score some Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse at Macy’s … since I assumed it would all be scooped up in seconds. And as I was discussing the glory of the line with a friend of mine at work today … I realized, holy lord … today is the 31st!

So as you can see I am Lagerfeld-less at the current moment and there is a single tear streaming down my face. BUT the good news is you can purchase the line at Macys.com and they seem to still have all the sizes! The only issue there is that I have no idea what my sizing is in Lagerfeld (unfortunately), so the thought of getting the piece, realizing it doesn’t fit, only to take it back to the store to see that they are out of the size I’m looking for, thus leaving me Lagerfeld-less AGAIN would be utterly heart wrenching.

So therefore I’m going to hold out until I can make it to a Macy’s … hopefully this upcoming weekend (fingers crossed). Oh how I fantasize about the day when a garment is hanging in my closet with a tag that says Lagerfeld on it. I imagine my closet would automatically get this vibrant glow to it.

I hope some of you lovely ladies got some Lagerfeld in your life today. In the meantime, I will just have to dream about the garments I have been stalking these past few weeks, like these …sigh:

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