Are You FNO-ing Tomorrow?!

It is FINALLY here! This is like the ultimate pre-show to the super bowl of fashion ladies and gents, it is Fashion’s Night Out! A night to stimulate the economy, rub shoulders with the rich and fabulous, score great priced goods and sip free bubbly. Every year I get depressed because I feel like all the really fantastic things happen in Manhattan for Fashion’s Night Out … and unfortunately … I am NEVER available to attend. I seriously believe New York City is covered in a pink, sparkly haze this night due to all the fashion magic that occurs. My dream is to one day have to plan out my Fashion’s Night Out outfits in advance, and how I will get to and fro and where I will sip on my first glass of champagne. I want to be so f-ing busy this night that all I do is sit in cabs running to and fro boutiques tweeting about how Tim Gunn, well … Timmy is what I would call him … got me to try this really glamorous limited edition martini with this astronomically expensive vodka and how we laughed for hours about how he came up with his signature catchphrase, “make it work,” and what a tranny mess one of the Real Housewives of NYC looks.

Sigh … one day. But stop, no … this isn’t about Manhattan or the fashion folk or the famous people or the million glasses of champagne ready to be served … no no no … this is about the economy dammit and what the fashion industry can do for it! So if you get depressed like me and wish more than anything to be in Manhattan with pink sparkles, know that Fashion’s Night Out doesn’t discriminate. It is everywhere! From Atlanta, to Australia, to Milan … to my love Philly, you can jump in on the fun and glory of this great event.

I’m closest to the Fashion’s Night Out events happening at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsy and I gotta say the events they have in store are NOT too shabby. I look for a couple of things when picking places to go for Fashion’s Night Out. I want the free goods obviously, and if you say you don’t well, you are a dirty dirty liar my friend. I also want to try new things and be surrounded by fashion, as cheesy as that may sound. But this is an event to learn about trends and see what is out there.

SO … what are my top 3 stops for Fashion’s Night Out at King of Prussia?

1. BCBG Max Azria: You had me at champagne. I don’t live and die for this brand, but they make a quality and stylish garment. AND you will get a free sample of their new fragrance. OH LALA. I am absolutely in the market for a new scent, so this Fashion’s Night Out event will be fun, beneficial and stylish!

2. Intimacy: You had me at champagne AND cupcakes. Holy jesus. HEAVEN! Not to mention, the “Bra Whisperer” is the owner of this boutique and I had the pleasure of getting fitted by her last year and her nickname name is 100% accurate. Definitely indulge in the bra makeovers because you will find the bra equivalent to Jesus … I’m not lying to you. If heaven was made of lingerie, it would be made from the kind found at this boutique.

3. Nordstrom: You had me at surprises, delights and LIVE modeling. I’m not sure if that means a fashion show, but I’m sure as hell going to take it as that. If I had to pick one of my favorite things in life, it would be a fashion show. I’ve attended them, I’ve worked them and they are like a 3 minute lightening bolt. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about them! Nordstrom is bringing a lot to the table this Fashion’s Night Out, great prizes, refreshments and live entertainment. I’m loving the variety!

Okay so maybe you won’t be rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour, but still, it is a great excuse to gather your girlfriends, drink a little, shop a little, get free goods and watch the psychopathic women out there killing each other to get to all of the drinks, free goods and live entertainment. I’m feeling this MIGHT just be one of the best people watching experiences to date.

No matter where you are, enjoy and stimulate that economy, ladies! Happy Fashion’s Night Out!

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