Remembering The Brave

10 years ago I was a freshman in high school. 10 years ago today I was sitting in my second period class when the news broke about the attacks on the U.S. Oddly enough my mom and I had just been to New York City and we sat and had coffee and a breakfast sweet in a quaint little bistro on the side of the towers. I so clearly remember looking up at them and thinking whomever had the office on the top floor must be so powerful.

I have such clear memories of this day 10 years ago. How it was the most gorgeous day and the beautiful blue sky. How I wondered if TRL would be on that day (I was 14, this was a big deal to me). How my World Civ. teacher, an american cowboy himself, excused himself into the hallway because he was in tears. How they played over the intercom throughout my school live coverage of the attacks. How my algebra teacher kept trying to explain to us what “x” equalled when the first tower fell and someone telling him to, “shut up.”

You will always remember where you were on this day and these vibrant and quick little memories. You will tell your kids and their kids and their kids.

My heart goes out to all of you who lost a loved one on this day 10 years ago. My heart goes out to all of the brave people who selflessly helped rescue others to safety and gave their lives for the sake of the U.S. My heart goes out to Washington D.C., New York City and Pennsylvania.

Never forget.

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