Faux Real: Fur and Animal Print Cravings


Dearest PETA,

No animals were harmed in the construction of this post. 

I love animals, in fact I have an insane obsession with my dog who happens to be a black lab rescue. In fact, if it were socially acceptable to carry around an 80 pound dog in your purse, I would. Animals deserve the same respect that we give one another. And THAT being said I made the personal decision to not wear real fur. Now if you dig real fur, rock on. I promise I won’t throw red paint on you and point, cause a scene and scream, “MURDERER!,” if I see you on the streets wearing it.

Fur has this old school connotation of being really glamorous and rich … you know a sign of status in society. But I happen to find faux fur to be just as fantastic (as long as it doesn’t look like stiff road kill … ick). And about a year ago was when I got the “faux” itch. I became obsessed with the idea of a faux fur vest. Then once I realized I looked like a grizzly bear-esque beast, it turned into me wanting a faux fur coat. Every time I put on the faux fur vest or coat I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Jesus, where do I think I’m going in this?” Clearly, I never made the purchase for unidentified reasons.

And this year, the cravings have unfortunately gotten worse. I was strolling through TJ Maxx (yes, I know, I’m a God damn maxxinista now … ugh stupid commercials) and came across this gorgeous black faux fur purse with a leather trim. Again, I looked at it, put it on my arm and thought to myself, “who do I think I am, Kim Kardashian?!” Did I buy it? Negative. Do I think about it often? Yes. Why didn’t I buy it? Well, as much as I lusted after it, I, again, associate fur, faux or not, with status. Even though it is fake, it seemed a bit … well … old for me.

So now I am on a leopard print shoe craze. I decided last week at work that this will be my next staple in my wardrobe, which is bazaar because I have spent most of my existence on this planet hating everything that leopard print has to stand for. Perhaps it is because I am from Jersey and have spent the other half of my existence trying to not fit the “jersey girl” persona.

There is nothing I love more in life than a statement piece. I’m all about a simple outfit with a pop of an accessory and I feel like a pair of leopard print shoes have the potential to give an outfit that proper “pop.” Think about an all black outfit with a pop of leopard print shoes … mmm, heaven.

I’m not sure if my faux fur cravings have subsided. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a pair of faux fur boots tomorrow that I will put on, look in the mirror and say to myself, yet again, “who do I think I am, Kim Kardashian?!,” walk away from them and torture myself for the next week wondering why I did not purchase.

Until that moment. I am on a hunt for leopard print shoes.

(Hmm … maybe “hunt” isn’t the right word … sorry PETA. YAY animals!)

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