The Only Kind of Mullet I Will Rock …

… is the one in clothing form.

I bet you are wondering what the hell I am talking about and if I am intoxicated at the current moment in time. Well, never fear I will explain, and for those inquiring minds, it is 8 p.m. on Monday … no, I am not intoxicated … although a vodka martini sounds fantastic right about now.

I am a person who loves a piece of clothing with what I like to call a bit of “jazz” to it. I don’t want a normal white t-shirt (even though it is a must have staple), I want a white t-shirt with a mesh top around the collar. I like exaggerated things on clothing, embellishments … in essence if I had the option to have something normal or to have something a little outlandish, I’ll take a one way ticket to the land of outlandish, please.

So my new favorite thing is a piece of clothing with a mullet. I know, when I hear the word “mullet” my mind immediately goes to a slack-jawed yokel named Cletus with a piece of straw hanging in between his snaggle tooth in a pair of overalls rocking that heinous hair-unstyle. Gross.

But in this case, mullets are EXTREMELY fun and chic, mullet hemlines that is, a.k.a tail hemlines, shorter in the front and longer in the back. Or for your mullet aficionados, “business in the front, party in the back.” Well, sometimes the party would be in the front because a little midriff action has the potential to be shown. Oh la la.

I’m basically obsessed with this look, especially when it comes to skirts. Skirts shorter in the front and longer in the back are extremely romantic and beautiful in the right fabrics. I just bought a soft pink (yes, I said it, I bought a something in a soft pink color) skirt with this kind of hemline. Even though it is definitely more spring, it is a fantastic investment because this type of hemline ain’t going anywhere honeys.

This is the ONLY acceptable kind of mullet to rock, ladies, but I’m telling you, once you embrace this trend, you will not be able to stop. My absolute favorite thing I own right now is a tail hemline shirt from Zara. I can show a little midriff if I want (I know, scandal), I can throw a blazer over it and have the tail hang out the back, which is a really chic and interesting look … I mean the options are endless.

Welcome to my fall fetish.

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