A Day In The Life of a Woman Wearing Spanx

I realize sometimes us ladies can’t agree on much. But I think the concept of Spanx has the possibility to unite women in a hippy, flower child-esque kind of way. From a size negative zero to a size 16, you love Spanx. Why? Well, we all have our giggly bits that we despise, regardless if they are in our heads of not. And since I don’t really condone surgery to fix said giggly bits and working out doesn’t instantaneously make us look like Heidi Klum, enter Spanx stage right.

You clearly never know when a woman is wearing them, that is the beauty of the illusion. All you see is this fantastic human specimen looking smooth and fabulous in a great outfit, wind blowing her long locks, picture posing all the day long with perhaps “I’m Too sexy,” or “Vogue” playing in the background. But let’s step inside a woman wearing the Spanx, in fact I would like to walk you through a day of ME wearing Spanx.

7:20 a.m.: After make up and hair is did, I start putting my outfit on. So I sit down in my make up chair and start sliding on my Spanx black tights to wear with a fantastic skirt. (Prepare for the most unsexy thing you will ever read). I get the tights half way up one leg, take a deep breath and start rolling them up onto the second leg. I now stand up and start rolling them up higher and higher, over my ribs until I can’t breathe and finally until they are literally right underneath my bra. I start fidgeting and pinching myself accidentally until the control tops are not around my knees.

7:23 a.m.: In said Spanx and fantastic outfit, ribs are constricted and I’m feeling like a stuffed pig, but giggly bits are put away for a better day. Also, just realized I have to go to the bathroom … dammit.

7:25 a.m.: Try to think of a creative way to pee without taking off the Spanx that I worked so hard to get on, but fail. End up spending another five minutes getting in and out of them (I’ll save the personal details for me and my bathroom mirror) … exhausted at this point.

7:40 a.m.: Get into my car and sit down for the first time. Even more aware of this harness cutting into my abdomen and that tiny awkward space of skin in the middle of Spanx and bra that I can feel bulging out. I realize how terribly uncomfortable sitting is and how I immediately regret this decision. I also notice the control top of my stockings is sticking out of my perhaps too short skirt. Shit. I spend the mere moments I have at a red light trying to shimmy them up further … out of sight, out of mind. The car next to me definitely got an interesting show.

8:40 a.m.: Make it to work and couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to stand up again. Very conscious of the Spanx and spend an extra two minutes in my car making sure my control top isn’t hanging out and if anyone will be able to see that awkward space of skin I can feel bulging. I pray to the Gods for the best and strut my stuff into the office.

9 a.m.: Complain to a co-worker about how much Spanx suck. Start to get caffeinated and get down to business.

11:15 a.m.: Sitting is starting to get terribly uncomfortable. I’m very aware of my stomach. I can feel my ribs begging me to take a scissor to these God forsaken devil constrictors, but I resist temptation and focus on work … until I realize my control top is totally hanging out of the skirt I am wearing that is waaaaay too short when I sit. God dammit … hope no one saw that.

12:30 p.m.: Hunger is overcoming me and all I want is a fabulous grilled cheese to go along with this crisp fall weather, so I indulge. So good. Ridiculous good. Mmm.

1:30 p.m.: I immediately regret the decision of eating. As sucked in as I am, I feel bigger than I am because it is all so constricted and uncomfortable … even more than before. I’m now starting to feel the pain of women in the early 20th century who had to rock corsets. No wonder there wasn’t an obesity problem back then, no one could eat for fear of having their ribs collapse.

2:10 p.m.: Shit, I have to go to the bathroom. The thought of peeling off my Spanx makes me want to throw in the towel, but I take the voyage and start the production. Peeling them off feels like sheer ecstasy, like chocolate wrapped in champagne wrapped in couture. I realize I have a sick indentation mark from the Spanx on my stomach that resembles a snake … I’m slightly concerned. I then start the highly unattractive process of pulling them back up. Squatting, shimmying, pinching my legs trying to get the control top up as high as humanly possible, try to find a way to not have that awkward bulge in between the Spanx and my bra … consider investing in some sort of clips to forge the two entities together … then realize I’ve lost my damn mind. Pull my skirt up, tuck my shirt back in, make sure nothing is hanging out and that I don’t look like a disheveled mess. Holy mother of God … I’ve now spent seven minutes in the bathroom PEEING!

3 p.m.: I hate Spanx. Realizing the more I sit, the more pain I’m in. Perhaps Spanx aren’t meant for sitting. Hmm, perhaps Spanx aren’t meant for work. Perhaps I’m a damn fool. So aware of my abdomen, so weird.

4:30 p.m.: I decide to take a walk to relieve myself  of the suffocation and to go bitch to a friend about how these God damn things are the devil because, you know, that helps.

5:30 p.m.: My day is finally over and once I leave my work parking lot I embarrassingly enough roll those bitches down so my ribs can breathe a bit, even though it only helps a tad.

6:30 p.m.: Get into my house, run upstairs and remove Spanx as fast as I can. The snake indentation on my stomach has gotten worse and all I want to do is lay down in my skivvies for relief, so I do (sexy, right?) Resist temptation to burn Spanx because they were expensive and currently the only decent black pair of stockings I own. Start feeling my ribs coming back to life and luckily nothing has collapsed.

I’m not saying Spanx aren’t fantastic, because they are … well … the CONCEPT is fantastic, the wearing them part is bullshit. As women, we do crazy things to look our best, but this is God damn torture. Lesson learned, maybe don’t wear them on an average day in the office.

But after a long, uncomfortable and restricted day … I’ve never been so fond of my giggly bits in my life.

15 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of a Woman Wearing Spanx

  1. Wearing a spanx as we speak and not being able to breathe I decided to do some research, did someone else ever have this issue? I decided to google and stumbled upon your article needless to say this article is FABULOUS!!!!! Lol humorous yes! Explaining how most women probably feel in these yes!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts because it made me feel a lot better! God bless!

  2. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t (don’t) enjoy my Spanx! First time I wore a pair of the tights I felt like one of those Competitive Eaters who jump up and down to get the food to settle only I was trying to get my flesh to settle in my Spanx! I own 3 pair of those instruments of evil and everytime I put them on I tell myself it will be the last time..THIS time I mean it…well, after the party next week where I have to look fabulous and “roll free!” Thanks for a fun and honest article..

    1. Glad you feel my pain … and months later after writing that article, I’m still wearing Spanx. Why … well, because beauty is pain sometimes haha! Thanks for the comment!

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  4. On spanx, I think you can wear them everyday and then get used to it. I wear mine to work everyday. Its a bit uncomfortable but I look better them on ..I think.

  5. Hey! This post could not be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up
    to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is written so well. I wore them during a meeting once at work and I felt so constricted, but my dress looked so good. By the time I got home the pressure from them on my abdomen made it hurt to pee.

    I haven’t worn them since, although I’ve been tempted many a time.

  7. My friend and I are slim we both wear size 2 when shopping the clerk told us that spanx give you a really smooth look. So we fell for it and bought one each. My husband and I were on our way to classical music concert by the time we got to the city I couldn’t take it anymore I took the spanx off and put in my purse. it is just so uncomfortable and I don’t want to be have my mind on it when I’m trying to enjoy myself. I don’t like tight jeans ,or tight clothes in general , It makes me think of the days women wore corsets. and when given some time they would go running to another room where they would loosen each other corset so they could breathe!. My friend wore her
    spanx once and agreed it it too uncomfortable,

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