I’ve Taken A Bite Out Of The Apple …

I have been a loyal Sprint customer for the past 11 years … and unfortunately Sprint never had the “It” phone. They always had something like the “It” phone that was never as chic or cool. I’ve had the fake Nokia (I know, I’m aging myself right now), the fake Razor, the fake first touch screen phone and now an unreliable, slow Android phone that looks like it is from 1980 that I despise.

But tomorrow I can finally live out my fantasies of punting said piece of shit Android phone as Sprint FINALLY took a chic step forward and got the iPhone … and yes, I invested. But I was never one to have a phone with a case, I always felt like they took the “cool” factor down a notch. Like my Android phone, I refused to have a case on it because it made it too bulky. I’ve had it for about a year and 1/2 and it looks like my favorite pastime was throwing it across the room daily and maybe running over it with my car.

But since an iPhone is an investment piece and very special, at least to me, I will need a case. And I’m not totally opposed to it since they fit snug on the phone, making it seem almost invisible, and there are SO many cute ones to choose from … almost too many in fact.

Am I the only one who hates the iPhone cases with all that nonsense all over it. Colors, designs, slogans, anthems, band logos, famous artwork, glitter, glitz, sparkle, cartoon characters, ones with dangly things hanging all over them … I mean for the love of God … why? Like I just spent all this money on a fabulous, minimalist phone that is, I gotta say, über chic … so why are you going to make it into a cheap piece of crap with a $15 cover that yes, might be cute to some, but totally takes away from the point of the phone.

When it comes to iPhones, unless you are under 18, which in that case, I don’t get why you have an iPhone … keep it simple. Black, white, gray, even nude. I’m not saying all designs are heinous, but say you are getting a black case, get a black case with a black design on it. Very subtle but very chic and not taking away from the structure of the phone.

Perhaps I’m an old lady when it comes to this topic, but I’m sticking to my guns. Don’t ruin a great piece of machinery with a case that says “hottie” on it for crying out loud. Keep it chic, keep it simple, keep it looking like a James Bond phone. I realize we want a case that speaks to us and really represents what we stand for. But I want people to say, “hey, what a great phone,” not “oh, your case is so cute or funny or silly or whatever other adjective they have waiting for me.”

If you need me this weekend, I’ll be spooning my iPhone.


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