Waiting Patiently For Chanel

A good friend of mine and I, no matter what we are discussing, always relate EVERYTHING back to fashion. Even if we are talking about the stock market, it will somehow come back to Marc Jacobs, don’t ask me how, but it does. But most recently we were discussing guys, how choosy we are with them … and at the end of the day, if that is a bad thing.

When it comes to guys, I personally don’t like to waste my time because I feel life is too short to have these impersonal, one-off, random, nothing relationships that have a tendency to leave unnecessary emotional stains. For me to settle down or even consider settling down, I really have to feel something special, a good ol’ fashion “spark,” as cliche as that may sound. And I’m completely content in waiting patiently for that rare spark to come along. But know you will not catch me sitting in Applebee’s with some sparkless dud sipping on a martini trying to make time go by faster with my mind, pretending I give a shit where he grew up and what kind of books he is in to, just to “play the field,” or for the sake of having someone to spend my Friday night with. Ick.

So as you can see I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to my feelings and men. There I can easily wait patiently for my designer guy, but when it comes to ACTUAL designer fashions, I’m more than comfortable to take the discount look home with me in a heartbeat. I’ve bought numerous looks at Forever 21 or H&M and have said to myself, “Oh, this looks exactly like that Alexander Wang top I saw on the runway!” or “Oh this look is so DVF.” What? How is that right? In fact I PREFER the discount designer lookalikes right now, mostly because I’m not made of money at the moment, but I clearly see nothing wrong with it. I have no shame wearing a Steve Madden shoe that looks like a McQueen, right now. The question is, do I deserve better?

I’m only 24, I repeat, I’m … only … 24. I’m young in my career and I have bills like every other individual in the country. I have the luxury of being extra choosy with the guys I date right now, because I have that freedom and am in NO rush for a dude to put a ring on it. And quite frankly, as much as I leave puddles of drool over fashion show runways, I am 100% okay with not walking around with high-end labels all over my body, because I can’t. But I’m waiting patiently for the day where I can go buy myself a Chanel quilted bag (my ultimate fashion fantasy). So until that fabulous day when I can walk down 5th Ave. dipped in designer looks, I have no shame going to Steve Madden, H&M and Forever 21 to keep my looks fashion forward and chic.

But know this, you will never see me dating a Steve Madden shoe when I am looking for a Louboutin … no matter what. Some things we have control over, other things we don’t. I know one day, maybe not anytime soon, but one day, I will be married to a Louboutin guy, someone really one-of-a-kind, sparking and special, WHILST wearing Louboutins.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Kelly and our sick and fabulous obsession we have with fashion.


3 thoughts on “Waiting Patiently For Chanel

  1. Loving your blog! I can relate so much, especially to this one. My girlfriends and I have a special lust for the Chanel Quilted bag as well in hopes that some day we can treat ourselves to it! We go and visit in the meantime telling her that someday she’ll be ours, haha.

    1. You just made my morning, thank you so much! I’m glad I’m not the only one who lusts after a Chanel Quilted Bag. If there is anything specific you would like to read about, feel free to drop me some suggestions!

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