Taking Shots Tonight …

… of Nightquil. Ugh. Coming to you barely alive from my bed.

It is amazing how one cold can spread to like 10 different people in a week … and this time … I am the fallen soldier. Yes, first cold of the season my friends and it is a joy, let me tell you. Basically my head feels like a balloon and I’m stuffy mcgee, so pulling words out of said balloon to compose this post is honestly a true blue miracle.

I’ve been laying in bed all day catching up on reality TV and awesomely bad movies I’ve seen a million times … but as I shuffled past my floor length mirror, I noticed how all of a sudden one cold and one self restricted day of bed rest to get well has turned my look from chic to disheveled cat lady.

My family has always made fun of me because my version of “getting comfortable” after a long day, since grade school, consisted of me basically not getting comfortable and rocking my tight jeans all night. More recently now I get made fun of for never taking off my heels, but honestly, if I love something enough, they ain’t comin’ off (yes, I said “ain’t,” I blame it on the cold meds). Even when I’m relaxing, I like to have a cohesive look, as crazytown as that may sound. I’ll rock leggings with a great, long sweater … but you bet your bottom dollar that I will accessorize the crap out of that outfit.

But one exhausting cold later and my hair hasn’t been combed, I’m wearing a long granny sweater (which is still fabulous) because I’m off and on freezing, a t-shirt that I’m pretty sure is ripped and cannot be fixed (thanks Zara), not even a drop of makeup, baggy sweats, some crazytown furry Target slippers that I adore as I lay in my throne of germs  surrounded by a plethora of tissues and Diet Coke cans. I’m one step away from wearing a long t-shirt with puffy paint  birds that are glittery on it or something, counting all of my cats that are swarming around my ankles to make sure all 42 are present … even little Cletus, the runt of the pack.

I’m a disgrace to myself right now … and I could care less and that is the beauty of it all. And honestly if I had a huge ass pair of shades on, a venti espresso in my right hand, iPhone in the other, $32,000 and some odd dollar back pack on my person … I would be Mary Kate Olsen.

Alright kids, I have just rented The Shining on iTunes (PS. The fact that you can rent almost any movie on iTunes for like less than $5 is quite dangerous and addictive) and my brain has sparks coming out of it, so I need to power down.

Stay healthy, stay chic … hopefully I’ll be back to my fantastic black wardrobe come Monday and perhaps make myself look appealing so other human beings want to interact with me. God speed.

Ps. I am so not one of those bloggers to post pictures of myself in fabulous outfits to showcase trends, blah blah blah, I’m not a model nor am I poser, but I had to show you my cat lady chic look I’m rocking. I’m the poster child for health God dammit, let me tell you. And also I just got an iPhone with a fabulous App that allows me to blur out sections of said picture (A.K.A. my face), so I thought I would share with you some humor behind my cold. Cheers. 


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