BA … … … NANAS!

Okay because I need a break from this massive project that I am working on that in no way shape or form is related to Life Sucks in a Strapless Bra, I need to admit that A. Yes, I am watching the Rachel Zoe Project whilst working and B. I am absolutely obsessed with her, but mostly with her resort collection.

I don’t care what people say, Rachel Zoe is badass for numerous reasons. I love her eye, I love her style, I love how she can walk into a room full of shiny things and couture and throw together a ridiculous look while I would be in a corner hyperventilating over said shiny things, I love her catchphrases and good GOD I love her collection (and this episode is making me love it even more).

Sometimes it is hard to fall in love with looks on the rack, because to tell you the truth, metal, wood or even plastic hangers do nothing for a garment … except maybe give you weird marks in the shoulders of the piece. But seeing a piece in a photo shoot with a concept and styling behind it brings it to life and makes you want to say, “Hey self, you could totally rock that white jumper with a pair of six inch neon blue pumps with gold accents!” Just seeing it on the hanger makes you have to think and imagine and honestly … who the hell has time to do that nowadays (except freaks like me who actually enjoy doing stuff like that).

So yeah, when I heard RZ was pulling together her own collection, my mind immediately went to like a trashy, gross QVC collection with undesirable pieces with annoying women talking about them while Rachel Zoe shows up for a hot 10 minutes to make an appearance to associate her face with the brand. Like do I really want to buy a clothing line from a reality star? Nope. But this is stylist turned reality star, so I suppose this is different.

I actually got to see her collection up close and personal in Bloomingdales in NYC this past summer, and honestly I, in the words of the great one herself, DIE over every single piece. The price tag … well, that is what I had a problem with. I don’t think she has ANY room pricing her clothing that high. I get it, you are the shizzle of styling and you have a fabulous eye. But honey, your clothes may absolutely look like Halston and be made for the runway … but at the end of the day, the women watching your show … aren’t your clients. They can’t afford couture or designer prices … they want obtainable and chic. They want the Rachel Zoe style, but at a Zara/H&M/TopShop price.

But, I’ll give it to her, every piece is absolutely stunning and really one of a kind. I’m a huge old school Halston fan and she really has a fantastic way of bringing back a super chic, retro vibe to the fashion scene. I know she has a love for vintage clothing and couture, and instead of us having to dig to find that diamond in the rough, she kind of hands them to us.

Alright, so price points bad, clothes good … the typical story of my fashion obsession. More fabulous fashion shoots, less babies. Fingers crossed for a Rachel Zoe line for H&M or Macys … I see it happening.

Anyways back to the grind I go!

Ps. Baby Skylar has a more bitching closet than I do. FML.

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