What Would You Buy …

… for $2,000?

Now I’m not saying you have $2,000 to go on a shopping spree and buy whatever you want. I’m asking if you could spend $2,000 on ONE piece, what would it be? These types of questions arise when you have a mother that works at Salon Shoes in Nordstrom like I do. Not only does she keep me updated on the latest trends out of the holy grail, a.k.a. the “Look Book,” but she also entertains me with fantastic stories of wealthy women with taste, and wealthy women with absolutely no taste coming in and dropping close to $2,000 on a pair of shoes. The returns, the drama, the snobs, the friendly faces … the woman could seriously write a book on her encounters in the world of Nordstrom.

But what I can’t seem to get over is spending that much on an actual pair of shoes. I think, personally, my limit would be $600. When I wear shoes, I wear them. Perhaps it is how I walk or how much I walk, but when I get finished with a pair of heels, they are scuffed, worn down, heel exposed, clinking clanking dirty pieces of crap that don’t owe me a dime. I realize if I were to buy a pair of shoes that were over $1,000 I would probably be more delicate with them, but would I really? I think that would mean I would have to build a special, air tight add-on in my closet for them to live in a glass case where I would just stare at them, perhaps throw them on to do my laundry or something … but in Jesus Christ’s name, I would never let them hit asphalt … EVER.

So after a night of drooling over Marc Jacobs bags on the Nordstrom website, praying Santa would be kind enough to drop one of his fantastic quilted bags underneath my Christmas tree, I asked myself, if I had the said fictitious $2,000 to play with, and I could only buy one item, what would be it? I’ve decided, it absolutely would not be a pair of shoes. But it would be either a coat or a hand bag.

Why a purse and or a coat? Well, coats are expensive. Let me rephrase that, a GOOD coat is expensive. But don’t go for the trendy styles that you will want to take a flame to the next year. A classic coat is quite easy to come across, and those are the ones worth the money and will last you forever … with a little TLC of course. I bought a Laundry coat, maybe four years ago or longer, and to this day it looks brand new and still very much in style. In fact I don’t see it ever going out of style. Unless I’m going to turn into that woman who thinks I’m incredibly fashionable but in reality stuck in the 2010’s, the 10’s (what the hell are we calling this decade?) like so many woman are stuck in the 80’s.

And handbags, well, they are my weakness. And unfortunately I have terribly expensive taste. If I was staring at 10 handbags all in the price range of $20-$2,000, I would absolutely pick the $2,000 bag without even trying. Why? Because, like my mother has always said, “I was cursed with good taste, like her.” Again, don’t go trendy, go classic, like a quilted bag, like a black quilted Chanel handbag, my ultimate fantasy in life. If you ever want to buy my love or get me to do something that you know I would NEVER do, buy me this handbag. I’ll be yours, always and forever. In fact, I would happily sell my soul to you for it, yes, I’m that serious.

Some may buy jewelry, but really expensive jewelry tends to make me a bit nervous. The most expensive piece of jewelry I wear every day is a David Yurman ring, and when I first got it, I rarely took it out of its protective case for fear I would lose it. Now it is just apart of me, but still, I have enough things in my life that give me anxiety, I don’t need an expensive accessory to add to it. God help me if I ever get engaged.

As crazy as it sounds, this is an extremely fun game to play while surfing the web at night. Take a break from shopping for others this holiday season and play. Sure, it can be depressing, looking at all of these fabulous things you can’t afford. But for me, it makes me excited to have something to look forward to, to knowing one day I will, hopefully, be able to buy myself the finer things in life.

We used our imaginations so much as kids, so why can’t we now?


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