And Then There Was Vintage …

Meet the man I am in the midst of a mad love affair with to the left. Sigh … isn’t he dreamy? I picked him up on my way home from trying to purchase a wine opener this past weekend. Odd, right? I stumbled upon this great consignment shop and immediately locked eyes with him and melted a little … that is when you know it is good.

They do say love happens when you least expect it, and I rarely bother looking for love in consignment shops. The love within those stores are either waaaaay too rich for my blood, or the over abundance of love mixed with a musty basement/old lady fragrance makes me want to flee from the store at high speeds … so I usually do.

I envy the girls that strike vintage gold over and over again. I just despise when you compliment them on a piece they are wearing and they retort back with a preface hair flip and a, “Ha, it’s vintage.” I’m lucky enough to have a mother who saved a lot of her fantastic accessories from back in the day, so when I wear them and someone is kind enough to offer me a compliment, I like to show my gratitude by saying, “Oh thanks, yeah my mom bought this for herself right before she got married … blah blah blah.” You know, a nice little anecdote instead of a preconscious, “it’s vintage, duh.”

Sure, rocking a vintage piece is great … but if you are just doing so to be that hisptery guy who doesn’t “wear conventional things,” do me a favor and spare yourself. These one-of-a-kind pieces shouldn’t define your closet, they should accent them and give life and spice to your wardrobe. I personally love the stories that live within these pieces. No matter how crazytown or uneventful they are, vintage garments have a history behind them. Even if you are unsure of said history, make something up, have a little fun with it. And, note to self, whilst vintage shopping, you have great chance of meeting an eclectic person here and there. Right there you have a very good chance of striking anecdote GOLD.

But yeah, since finding my consignment sweet spot, I think this could become a problem. My vintage boyfriend above, yeah … he was $10. TEN … DOLLARS! Genuine velvet and looks brand new. The broach I added on myself for a little extra pa-zazz, which was my mothers from back in the day, isn’t it creepily fascinating?! It literally has sparkly eye lashes, I mean straight up love in broach form. I think I legit clicked my heels together when I walked out of the store and uttered a “woo hoo.” From great necklaces, to furs (some were real and that is why I refrained), hats you could literally stab someone for and shoes (I don’t think I could ever walk in another persons shoes though, literally … but still), it is heaven. I could absolutely see myself getting lost for hours.

Word to the wise, if I happen to go MIA for a while, you might be able to find me trying on suede fringe coats and amusing myself with some of the greatest, bad ass, out there hats I have ever seen in my life. I begged my best friend who is getting married to let me rock one with my bridesmaids dress … she laughed and said, “Oh Kate.” Hmm … so she is saying there is a chance! Any who,  don’t bother sending out a missing persons report. If I continuously start reeking of mustiness and old lady … it might be time for a consignment intervention.

Just one more broach … and I SWEAR I’LL BE DONE, I SWEAR!


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