Black Out

So far I am not impressed with this whole being 25 thing. Literally since I’ve turned the age page, I’ve had nothing but the most intense migraine headache I’ve ever had. In fact, this is the only migraine I’ve ever had. Heinous. I feel for everyone who gets them regularly, I really do.

For the past three days I’ve done nothing but sit in darkness, or try to sit in darkness … which is extremely hard when my iPhone is continuously attached to my hand 24/7, I’m a writer who needs to be writing … on a computer, and there is a Kardashian marathon on E! All of which have extremely bright screens that feel like daggers going into my eyes.

I’m literally posting this because I wanted to express to you all that I am indeed NOT a chicken and will not be getting my ears pierced this weekend due to the fact that my head has been in ridiculous amounts of pain for the past three days and I feel like if I inflict more pain onto myself, I may go insane. But next weekend … it … is … ON and I’m pumped about it!

In the meantime, since looking at the computer screen is making me nauseous, I will be crawling back into my dark hole that I know all too well at this point until this nonsense passes. See you all in the light once again … hopefully sooner rather than later.

God speed.

Ps. Face masks are so hot right now.

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