Grid Calendars Are So 2011

For those of you who don’t know, I adore Philadelphia. Yes, technically I’m from Jersey … SOUTH Jersey, but I rarely like to associate myself to the state since those fools from Seaside ruined my street cred. Now you tell someone you are from New Jersey and they immediately think you fist pump, fake tan, wear leopard print, refer to yourself as a meatball and wear a poof in your hair. So since my town is considered a suburb of Philly (according to Wikipedia) … I’ve let myself become a foster child of the city instead of getting irate over idiotic comments made about “Jersey girls.”

With that being said, I love getting the opportunity to promote fabulous things coming out of this beautiful city. Maskar Design, a graphic design firm out of Philadelphia, which happens to do some really fantastic and innovative work, has premiered the 2012 Maskar Almanac & Atlas calendar. This is the third year they are producing these calendars and every year is different and even better than the last.

This calendar … which is not only a calendar, but a piece of really fabulous art to hang, is all about presenting factoids about Philadelphia and themes the gang over at Maskar find to be interesting in abstract ways. Personally, traditional grid calendars are so boring to me. One big picture of a pretty sunset every month and then every day getting a little box so you can mark when little Timmy has band practice … so 2011. You have your iCal to mark important dates in, retire the grid people.

With something new and cool to view daily, I find myself most excited for September when they take a closer look at local brews … mmm beer. I love unique things and getting the opportunity to view something traditional in a very unique format is truly a treat.

So if you are looking for some desk bling, or just need something to jazz up your kitchen … invest in this amazing calendar for only $18! Get rid of those stupid sunset calendars that will just make you hate your life and wish you were kickin’ it on some island when in reality you will be kickin’ it in a cubicle. Even if you know nothing about Philadelphia, consider this a really cool way to educate yourself on a very historically fantastic city.

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