Run To The Runway

I’m not a label snob in any way. I don’t ever look at my closet and say to myself, “hmmm, I need more Versace up in this piece.” Labels in fact mean very little to me. Forev Twent, Charlotte Russe … even freaking Joyce Leslie … as long as the piece itself looks well made and terribly chic … it is good enough from me.

So perhaps you recall a post I wrote back in September about how I was becoming a “Maxxinista” and how that fact kind of freaked me out because I find that advertising campaign to be highly annoying. Now I don’t want to be one of those bloggers giving props to the store as I strut around in my discount designer fashions because A. they aren’t paying me to do so, and B. because I’m not that type of blogger … aiight.

But when I hit a good sale, like a ridiculously mind-blowing sale that makes me want to make out with it … I clearly need to share it with you all. Okay, so T.J. Maxx has a section of the store called “The Runway” where you can find discounted designer pieces from Versace, Theory, Helmut Lang, etc., etc., etc. Some of these pieces are still quite pricy, but when you happen to run into a Runway clearance sale … then it is like striking gold … pure designer gold.

So I would like you to meet my Rebecca Taylor silk blazer that I got for … $25. YES! I know, I know … I couldn’t believe it either … I thought I was seriously getting punk’d at T.J. Maxx. I would also like you to meet my Calvin Klein matte sequin shrugish-type of thing … that I got for I think around $40 or $50. Are you in amazement?

Not only that, but my mom got a Marc Jacobs button down shirt for like $30 and my aunt got a Ralph Lauren PURPLE LABEL blazer for $120 when it was originally $2,500! How crazy town is that?

I mean my closet went from like the headquarters of Forev Twent to being blinged out with all of these high-end labels that I got for … well … Forev Twent prices. I had to share this secret with you because what girl doesn’t need a few designer goodies in their closet.

Ps. Just to be clear, I am not, nor will I EVER consider myself a “maxxinista” … unless the kind folks over at T.J. Maxx would like to pay me to do so … then I’ll get “maxxinista” tattooed on my ass or something. I just love me a fabulous sale. Kay, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Run To The Runway

  1. Hahaha, come to the dark side. I hate those commercials too, but seriously, we can be secret undercover maxxinistas, can’t we? I found the most supple black patent leather Charles David over-sized clutch there a few month ago…for 22 bucks. It is flawless. I wept a little. And my TJ’s doesn’t even have a Runway section.

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