Fab Five Freddy Told Me Everybody’s Fly

Once in a while you need to know when to slow down and just take a day for yourself. No matter how difficult that may be. For me, that was today. I took it down from my normal speed of what feels like 1,000 mph to relax and do some much-needed retail therapy with my fav shopping partner, my lovely mother. Sometimes a day of shopping with a glass of wine at 3 p.m. is just what the doctor ordered, just sayin’.

But before my quest for clothes commenced, when I first woke up, I decided to do something that I haven’t done in what felt like years. I just went to my couch and vegged out sloth style and channel surfed. I landed on E! News for a while and caught up on my celeb drama, watched a part of an old Will & Grace until Grace annoyed me too much so I changed it. And then I found one of my favorite shoes, Behind the Music, which happened to be about Blondie. Heaven.

I realize I’ve only done one ‘Style Stud” article in the history of this blog, but Debbie Harry most certainly deserves this honor. I was in straight up awe for a good hour, and then went out shopping wanting to make myself look like her. I’ve been a big Blondie fan for years, but who knew she was a huge influence on Madonna, who I happen to be obsessed with as well. If you look at pictures of Debbie (I feel like we can be on a first name basis) throughout the years, you’ll see Gaga, Katy Perry and Madonna within all of them. Seriously, we think Gaga is so outlandish and out there, yet we forget rock and punk Gods of the past really paved the way for these pop tarts.

I mean she was involved deeply within the punk movement in New York City. She was a staple at CBGB and yet still managed to stay true to punk, yet become quite the trendsetter. I love me some Patti Smith, but she took the more masculine look to punk. Debbie added the sex factor with red pouty lips, tight one shoulder, color popping dresses and wild blonde hair. But at the same time, true to punk, she rocked suspenders on stage, thigh high stockings, knee pads, and crazy town, studded body suits. I mean didn’t everyone freak out about Gaga doing something like that recently? Get over it, people … it has been done before … save your gasps for something more shocking.

My favorite Debbie Harry moment, which may be very common, happens to be in the video for Rapture. It is so fantastic yet there is something so strange about it all, perhaps that is the reason why I enjoy it so much. Her look is so classic, timeless and subtly chic throughout the whole thing, yet she is surrounded by these crazytown people dressed in all sorts of fabulousness. My favorite has to be the blonde guy in the black and white striped shirt with the black sequin vest over it. I would wear that tomorrow if I could.

Oh and how about Uncle Sam and the Native American in the corner who are both clearly on acid … what in the name of Christ, Debbie Harry. Yet there she is, casually walking around with her lace wrap over her shoulders during all this madness, rapping away … which might seem like an awkward task to some, yet she has this air about her like “I don’t give a shit, I don’t care if I look dumb, this is what is happening, ya dig?” So punk rock.

So thanks, Debbie Harry for being my newest style-spiration. I purchased a lot of a lace and sheer black tops in your honor. Who knows, maybe a red pout will be next.

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