Style Stud: Grammys 2012

Hands down … Rihanna wins this year. Reason being she partnered with Armani to make this stunning black backless, fierce dress. Her hair was a little crazytown in a fabulous kind of Tiny Turner way, but besides that the whole look was flawless. This kind of glamour is kind of frightening, in a beautiful way … especially when she went for the dark red lip later in the night. And quite frankly, it is so easy for a stylist to come along and help an artist throw together a look. But to collaborate with a designer like Armani and have him respect your opinion and eye for design is something else. It is rare to see a woman dressed in Armani and be scared that she might take you in a back alley and beat this shit out of you … in the most fashionable way possible, but she pulled it off. Well done, Ri Ri.

Hot mess status goes to Nicki Minaj … unfortunately because after seeing her live I do have a fond respect for her. But honestly, what in the name of everything holy … LITERALLY. Okay, I think it finally happened, kids. We have been watching Gaga for years push the boundaries and toying with the fine line between respecting art through fashion and just wearing plain ol’ costumes. And then other people started to do it … poorly and not with the same grace and respect as Gaga, making that line more frail and delicate. And today, Nicki Minaj stepped out of her limo and over that line by wearing what she did. I don’t care if it tied into her over the top performance. And just because that red riding hood thing she was rocking was Versace doesn’t make it right either. I mean she had a holy man on her arm for crying out loud, which I’m pretty sure was an actor because he sure could work that camera. Guess what, the early 90’s called and Madonna wants her pop performance infused with religion back. Honestly, I’m all for pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion … but this is an absolute disgrace if ANYONE would EVER consider what she did here “fashion forward.”

And in other news … why was my girl so freaking QUIET throughout this whole ordeal? No red carpet … I didn’t even think she was there until the camera panned to her in this fabulous bird-cage look. Might I add … the saber? I mean flawless. I absolutely must have one just so I can poke people with it and act all high and mighty. But seriously, did anyone else find it totally bazaar that A. she was only nominated for one award when Born This Way was an absolute mind-blowing record and B. that she didn’t present an award, win an award or walk the red carpet?   By the way she was ROBBED for album of the year. I don’t get it nor do I like it. But we still love you Gagaloo. You looked gorg, muffin.

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