Word To Your Mother: Style Stud, Vanilla Ice

What can I say, I like a man who has the balls to steal a one-of-a-kind beat from David Bowie and Queen and then claim he didn’t by the slight difference in the sound “tisssss.” And while watching the video for “Ice, Ice Baby,” I couldn’t help but notice his innovative and cutting edge style that, quite frankly, deserves WAAAY more recognition.

My favorite one of his looks was the crew neck sweatshirt paired with a a bad ass baseball hat, shades and gold chain. I just don’t think we see enough this look anymore. In fact, I never see girls rocking sweatshirts outside of a college campus. I mean Ice took a Miami Hurricanes white crew neck sweatshirt, which you can find here for $24.99, and made it super chic. Think of all possibilities ladies. Style it with a cute pair of skinny jeans, some heels or flats … or maybe even a stylish pair of Reebok’s. I mean you don’t always have to dress fancy to look chic, and Ice totally pioneered the comfy yet chic look.

And as fashionistas, we just don’t incorporate the good ol’ American flag into our outfits enough. Sure people rock pins and maybe some American flag earrings, but for me, that just isn’t enough. Vanilla Ice knew how to properly give props to the best damn country in the whole entire world with head to toe sequin American flag inspired jumpsuits. I mean THAT is what I’m talking about here people. Think of all the opportunities we have to adopt this look. Blue sequin pants with a red and white stripped sequin blazer and stilettos. A white sequin skirt with a blue sequin tank top and white sequin stars. If you are looking for a way to stand out this Memorial Day weekend, take a page out of Ice’s book.

I’ve said before that if I could have any color hair in the world, it would be two-toned: Black and white. I was a little too embarrassed to admit it at the time, but my style-inspiration came straight from the hair of Mr. Ice himself. I mean he really gave birth to this iconic hair style, in fact I’m pretty sure Ace Ventura even stole it. But his look is absolutely Cruella Deville chic with the striking white patch on the side of his hair block (I think that is what he called it). Regardless, no one wants to have the same hair cut and color day in and day out. Quite frankly, I think most hair styles are disgustingly generic at this point. And I do believe Vanilla Ice has gifted us with a way to spice up our hair colors this spring.

Who needs Pinterest for innovative styles when you can just watch the video for “Ice, Ice Baby” and open yourself to a world of fabulous fashion ideas. And this is why, my friends, I have deemed Vanilla Ice this month’s style stud.

Oh by the way …





Disclaimer: Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra stands by David Bowie and Queen and thinks that anything and everything Vanilla Ice has done and will do is ridiculous and never to be copied. Okay … MAYBE “word to your mother” was kind of genius … BUT THAT IS IT.

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