I Shall Rent Thy Runway

Do you ever feel like you can only find a fabulous dress when you aren’t looking for one? Because I sure as hell do. New Year’s Eve, birthdays, weddings … any big event, I cannot find a dress to save my soul. But an average weekend in the middle of summer when nothing is going on besides cocktails poolside, well …  yes, that is when I find the home run of dresses and say to myself, “I don’t need this … even though it fits me like a glove and looks fantastic … yep I’m definitely not buying this.” And when those weddings, birthdays, and major fancy holidays arrive down the road, I will mentally shame myself for not buying said fabulous dress when I had the chance.

And here I am faced with a party that I need a great dress for … and yet, none in sight. Visions of amazing dresses I’ve let slip through my finger tips are dancing in my head, but I’m trying to not shame myself too much. If I was going to junior prom or perhaps a canteen at the local middle school, I would be in heaven with the dress selections in stores right now. But for a flirty and fun dress for a bachelorette party out in the city … well, I’m shit out of luck. Why? You go to the mall and it is like you can either look like a trashy skank, or like you are a business woman who doesn’t rock suits but still wants to look refined in a nice dress that covers all your lady lumps so they look business appropriate, or I’m 14 again with this short, crazytown nonsense with flowers all over it. Can I catch a break for the love of God? So I find myself wandering and praying to the Gods of dresses that one magically lands in my eye sight so I can pick it up, try it on and start twirling around in it like it was made for me. But, yeah … well that never happens.

Enter stage right … Rent the Runway. I’ve always toyed with the idea but like I’ve said in past posts, I am completely incapable of online shopping. I fill my cart but I can never pull the trigger. But because I’m restricted with time and will have absolutely no capacity to scour the malls more than I already have … Renting the Runway is my last resort. And let’s be honest, I have a closet full of dresses I’ve worn once, twice … maybe thrice … but that is it. So I could spend $50 on a dress that will get swallowed into my closet, never to see the light of day again … or I can rent a designer one for the same price, wear it once … and send its ass back to online-ville.

Can I just say, after doing much research and talking to people who have rented said runway … they rule. Not only does each dress come with a detailed description of which body type the dress would look best on, but it also tells you what kind of undergarments to wear along with true to heart testimonials from girls with specified age, size and height who have worn the dress. Genius … pure freaking genius. And if I wasn’t already sold, they have LIVE specialists ready to chat with you about the dresses you want more information on. I chatted with this fantastic woman today who allowed me to ask the dumbest but most necessary questions … and pretty much sold me on a dress. “Will the dress be too short?” “Will it be too tight?” “I’m 5’9 and a little curvy, will I look like a stuffed sausage in this dress?” I mean this beautiful soul stayed online with me for a good 45 minutes answering all of my idiotic questions until finally I made a decision.

I almost feel like it is too good to be true. Also, let me make this clear, I am not a spokesperson for RentTheRunway.com, they aren’t paying me, I’m not a “RentTheRunnista” … I’m just a girl who needs a fantastic dress … quickly. Have I gotten the dress yet? Well … no. And quite frankly I’m freaking out a bit. If it looks atrocious … even though they do give you a second size option for free … I’m worried that it just won’t fit my body right and I will have to go to this bachelorette party looking like a hobo. Well not a hobo, just in something I’ve worn before. And I know, I know … it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. But sometimes, with special events like these, you just want an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks … makes you sparkle from inside and out. And THAT, my friends, is what I’m looking for.

So don’t fail me now, Rent The Runway, I have all my eggs in your basket. There are definitely more pros to cons, which is comforting, but we shall see if I can get the zipper up on this designer number I’ve rented. I’ve rented a garment and I’m proud … until it doesn’t work and I try my best not to light it on fire for me losing $60. But perhaps that is why they give you insurance on the dress for an extra $5. Hmm … more to come on this later. Wish me luck, ladies and gents.


2 thoughts on “I Shall Rent Thy Runway

  1. Please, please, please let me know how this goes! I have a wedding in May that I need to look kick-ass for and I can’t find a dress to save my life (and like you, I’m not a model. 5’11” size 12 on a good day) I NEED help.

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