Let’s Stop Sippin’ The Haterade, Ladies

If my life was a sitcom, yesterday’s episode would be called “Kate Against IKEA.” I went to IKEA on the mission for a new chair for my vanity … since the one I’m currently using is like a broke ass $20 computer chair (I’m so classy, aren’t I?) Well I ended up getting sucked into the Swedish vortex, dancing around the desk section daydreaming about relaxing with a cup of hot tea, pondering Carrie Bradshaw-style, blogging away the hours. Long story short, I landed on a fabulous desk, only to bring it home and find that it was missing pieces. Hmph.

So I stormed back into Philly, guns blazing to return screwed up desk #1. I found myself trapped in my head, swimming in thoughts of how nothing works out for me, especially in IKEA, how I’m sore from lugging that stupid broken desk back and forth, and what I had to do to get one of these people to help me … for the LOVE, when I heard, “Oh my GOD … I LOVE your skirt!” Of course I heard the word “skirt” and turned around instantaneously only to find a chic woman standing behind me complimenting on my skirt, asking where I got it, etc. Immediately I was ripped out of all the heinousness swirling around in my head to speak to this insanely nice woman, who I chatted with briefly, and who left me with a smile on my face, washing away thoughts of wanting to shank someone in IKEA.

Sure it was a tiny compliment, but it made me sincerely happy when my sunny Sunday had taken a sharp turn to shit. For the rest of the day, my attitude was definitely more positive. Even when I brought home desk #2, which was screwed up as well, I was able to regain my center and not freak the eff out. I’m sure it wasn’t all due to that woman’s sincere compliment, but it sure helped. Knowing there are sincerely nice people out there … helps.

So what I’m saying, ladies is that we need to stop being Judgey McJudgersons. I’m giving this advice to myself as well. I saw one of those EE cards that said, “Look at that bitch, eating those crackers like she owns the place,” and it made me think that I am SO guilty of having evil thoughts like this for no reason sometimes. It is so easy to say, “ugh, why is she drinking her water like that” or “what is up with that hair style,” or “honestly, who does she think she is dressing like that,” to hide from our insecurities or resentments or sheer distaste for that person. But at the end of the day, a piece of clothing or the act of drinking a certain way doesn’t make us loathe someone, it is deeper than that. And honestly, if it isn’t well, girl you need to check it before you wreck it. To attack person style might be one of the most petty, mean, and childish things one can do, yet we girls do it to one another ALL. DAY. LONG. (I feel like Tina Fey in Mean Girls right now … trust falls anyone?)

I’m ending this with a challenge for all of you … including myself. Yes, I’m challenging myself here. I want you all to compliment ONE girl tomorrow. It could be a hair style, an accessory, an article of clothing, an overall look … ANYTHING. Reach out, break out of your comfort zone, and sincerely hand out a compliment. Compliment a stranger, a co-worker, a friend, a relative, a hobo on the street … I don’t care. Just do it and see what happens. No … actually, tell me what happens! (Yes, I’m THAT nosey.) Comment to this post and tell me the reaction you get. Because I’m 85% sure that you will make that girls day. And not only that, but it will make YOU feel fabulous to see the positive reaction.

I’m telling you, life is rough and days are sometimes thoroughly painful and heinous. So one little kind act can go along way. Thank you to that fabulous woman yesterday for ripping me out of the unnecessary madness in my head. And good luck  to all of you and your complimenting!

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