My Mom Is Better Than Your Mom

First and foremost … Happy Mother’s Day to all of my fantastic readers. Moms, God Moms, Sisters, Aunts, Nanas, Great-Grandmothers, influential women in your life … and beyond … all of you deserve a large round of applause … and by round of applause I mean a LARGE glass of wine. So cheers!

But like every daughter or son, I believe whole-heartedly that I have the radest (yeah I know that isn’t a word) Mom on the planet. But I don’t just believe … I KNOW that I have the radest Mom on the planet.

So here are just a few reasons why my Mom is the baddest mother, (shut cho’ mouth!) … AHEM: 

-She dresses better than I do. Straight up. The woman is … well, she would probably shank me if I gave away her age, but she has a better closet than I do and in fact I find myself stealing numerous articles of clothing AND accessories from her, which she then in turn shames me for. Thanks, Mom!

-She has one of the greatest Pinterest boards called “Cats.” Now, you would think she would only pin pictures of “Cats” on there … but you would be sorely mistaken. “Cats” is her communal board to post pictures of things she likes from cats, to clothes, to accessories, to pictures of Mark Harmon (the woman has it bad for Mark Harmon of NCIS … what a dream boat.)

-She isn’t afraid to take a trend and run with it. Socks with high heels for example. Not an easy look to pull off, but somehow she has made it her signature look and she rocks it like a stud.

-Her fashion quests she goes on. She will get an idea of something she NEEDS to have a doesn’t stop searching until she finds it. For example, the crisp white button down. I remember this being the ultimate quest. Being “crisp” was the ultimate goal.

-Since she works at Nordstrom and happens to work right next to the cosmetics department, and therefore has acquired quite the Bobby Brown habit with facial creams … keeping her looking young and giving me the opportunity to test them out so the wrinkle monster doesn’t knock on my door early.

-She made TJ Maxx happen before TJ Maxx was TJ Maxx with awful little Maxxinista twits fluttering about. She actually still kicks herself for telling people about the purse department at TJ Maxx and all the great finds there. It just hasn’t been the same since she started telling people about it … according to her. It has nothing to do with their rebranding at all.

I mean honestly I could go on for days. Bottom line, I wouldn’t be who I am, working tirelessly everyday on this blog, thinking of ideas and throwing my heart and soul into it without her.

So Mom, thank you for supporting me every day with everything I want to do in life, inspiring my fashion sense starting from when I was little, now and beyond, and being such a cool, vibrant and inspiring person in my life. Love you all the stars!

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