Bridesmaids: Are We Whiners?

Okay, I PROMISE after Saturday I’ll cool it with the wedding talk. But for the past couple of weeks, that is what has been on my mind. I’ve been living and breathing the role as a bridesmaid, and quite frankly … I’ve learned quite a bit. So as I sit here freaking out over all the stuff I have to accomplish tomorrow, I couldn’t help but think that when we are gifted with the title of “bridesmaid” we automatically feel the need to whine our faces off. Society, movies, friends, family … have all told us how much it sucks to be a bridesmaid. It literally is like stapled in all of our heads. When was the last time you heard a girl say, “oh I was a bridesmaid and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.” Never. You hear, “my dress was ugly,” “I spent so much God damn money,” “the rest of the bridesmaids were such bitches, I had to do everything.” “I hate that damn bride, why can’t it be me … boo frikity hoo.” Yeah. Awful.

I gotta say, my overall experience was pretty pleasant. My best friend was the opposite of a bridezilla, my dress rocks, and the rest of the bridesmaids are all pretty cool. Obviously it all wasn’t peaches and cream … but besides a few speed bumps, I have a lot of golden memories from the past year. So as I sit here freaking out over the last-minute things I have to do, it really makes me think about how silly it all is because if anything, I NEEDED to these things for myself. When was the last time you were “done up” from head to toe? Ask yourself that question next time you want to bitch, bridesmaid.

So here are just a few things I’ve been bitching about on my to-do list when in reality, I truly needed to get er’ done:

I got my hair dyed: This is definitely a luxury, but my hair was like 50 different shades of a weird reddish, washed out brown color with little tiny pieces of gray. I know … I’m 25 and I already have gray hair, kill me now. I’m at the stage in my life where hair dying needs to be a staple so I don’t age myself 10 years. Thanks wedding, for giving me that push.

Treated Myself to a Manicure/Pedicure: With a LivingSocial Deal mind you. Definitely another luxury, but my nails needed some TLC, TLC that I cannot give myself because I have no nail talent. My cuticles, dry skin and shape of my nails needed some lovin’ from a professional. Do I ever treat myself to something like this … absolutely not.

Getting My Hair and Makeup Done: Oh man … having a professional make me look beautiful in the fiercest way possible so I don’t have to worry about it … golly gee … I clearly like inflicting pain upon myself. Like honestly, shut your face. Not having to worry about doing my hair and makeup and just having to slip on my dress is worth every penny. Do you know how much stress comes with doing your own hair and makeup for an event. Xanex worthy stress, my friends.

Spray Tan: Okay, we all know this is giving me anxiety, but I’ve heard that tanning sometimes helps brighten your mood. So I’m going to file this under a form of therapy and consider me getting my spray tan as a self-help move.

Party Planning: Sometimes annoying, yes and I realize this is not everyone’s bag. I personally found it be a great distraction from every day stresses, even though at some points the party planning itself stressed me out. I got to throw myself into organizing, decorating, writing copy for invitations and place cards. Sending out group emails to the wedding party trying to get everyone on the same page. Did I want to pull my hair out sometimes or toss my laptop out the window? Of course. I bitched my way through it all … but at the end of the day pulling off a great party is a pretty awesome feeling. Also knowing there was a bottle of something waiting for me after, well that made it all worth while.

Buying A Great Dress: Did I mention my best friend picked amazing dresses for us? Because she did … they rule. Was I pissed that I had to get extra length added to it? Furious is more like it. Was I mad that the woman fit me wrong and the dress was too big and too long when I got it? Murderous rage defines how I was feeling at that point in time a little bit better. But after getting quality alterations, I now have a dress hanging in my closet that I will wear Saturday that fits my body perfectly. When does that ever happen? Sure I probably have more gray hair due to this damn dress, but I mean we have a love/hate relationship at this point. I let it kick me around for the past six months and now Saturday I will wear the crap out of it.

I mean I could go on and on and on. Whiners. All of us. I’m thinking about my to-do list tomorrow: Get a manicure/pedicure, buy a dress for the rehearsal dinner, purchase fashion tape, buy flats for my dress when my heels are killing me, get spray tanned. Jesus Christ … and why am I complaining again? I feel like sometimes we get too close to a situation, so close that we let doing relaxing, luxury-inspired things like shopping and getting pampered annoy us. Ridiculous.

I could potentially be that bridesmaid that could tell a positive story to her friends and family. But it is such a reflex to be like, “uh what an annoying process to be apart of … I’m so broke.” Truth, I am pretty broke from all this jazz, that is a reality, ladies. Being a bridesmaid equals you having no money. But if you’re being a maid for your best friend like I am … it all financially makes perfect sense. Think about it, I could be a pioneer. Children will tell their children’s children of my positive bridesmaid tale! Okay maybe that is me talking crazy because I’m a little high on EmergenC (yes I feel a little under the weather, #fail).

But seriously, lesson of the day: All bridesmaids … quit ya bitchin’ … myself included, and just ENJOY!

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