Judgey McJudgersons … Come On Down!

Okay we are ALL guilty of commenting and judging on one another’s looks. If you don’t admit to that, well … you are a dirty dirty liar because commenting in your head counts. It can be positive, it can be negative, it can be brutal or even  quick and dirty like, “wow, I really love those shoes, wonder where she got them.” It doesn’t matter … it is in a girl’s nature to comment and critique. I am guilty as charged and quite frankly would be shocked and appalled to find a girl that doesn’t do this (I mean there is probably one or two pure, good and kind souls out there … but I mean I haven’t met any yet).

And when we need the critiques the most … it seems like no one is around. For example, most recently I was getting dressed for my best friend’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding. I had purchased this dress that I was unsure about, purchased some necklace to go with said dress I was unsure about, and paired said dress with these super high nude shoes that I questioned if they made me look like a hooker. Was anyone around to critique me when I was getting dressed? Nope. Could I call anyone to come over and give me a quick critique? No … because everyone I knew locally was getting ready for this event and everyone else I knew didn’t live close by … fail. So what did I do? Nothing. I had no options. I had to go off my own confidence in the look that I created and leave my house praying to Jesus I didn’t look like a skanky hooker for a rehearsal dinner … that was going to first take place in a CHURCH. And quite frankly … that ain’t right. Sometimes you NEED that approval, right? At least I do … it kind of seals the deal. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a “wow, you look FANTASTIC!” every time I leave the damn house, but for large and in charge events … yes, I absolutely need that boost of confidence, dammit.

So insert Fashism stage right. Fashism … not facism, let me be clear. Awful name for an App? Truly … but honestly, a GENIUS concept. For so long I’ve wondered to myself, man … with all the technology and social media, why hasn’t a system been invented where you can get someone to approve a look you are rocking or at least give you constructive criticism on how to improve it. Kind of like Cher’s closet in Clueless, but more high-tech. Well, in the world of social media, ask and ye shall receive … or in this case, wait until someone takes the idea and runs with it.

I don’t usually get all crazed about Apps … but every female needs Fashism. Reasons why it rocks: Well, it is free  … first of all, amen to that. It has a super cute pink icon (I even like my iPhone menu to look aesthetically pleasing, a-thank you very much), and it is extremely simple to use. All you do is take a picture of yourself in an outfit (duck face away if you must), or a garment you purchased, upload it … and then the commenting will begin. To test it out I uploaded a picture of myself I took in the mirror of me in my rehearsal dinner dress. I know, I know … I LOATHE taking pictures of myself in the mirror in outfits, I really, really do … but for this App … it is worth it, I promise. Just don’t post it anywhere else, otherwise you will be classified as a grade A tool.

So once the picture is uploaded, people get the option to click a “love it” or “hate it” button … or even leave a comment. I’m not kidding you … within 10 minutes I had over 15 “love its” and more than four comments from ladies just telling me they really liked certain aspects of the look. Do I know any of these people? Nope. Do I want to know them? Nope. All you know is their username and if they liked or disliked you look. And yes, if you feel compelled, you can see if those people uploaded any looks to check out their personal style … but quite frankly and honestly, I’m on there for #1.

Not only did all of these “Love its” give me a massive confidence boost, but even after the fact, if I had any doubt about the  dress I wore, they were completely tossed out the window. I didn’t get ONE negative comment … everyone was super positive and polite (which I’m sure could change drastically at any moment). And if you felt like playing the judge … there is a screen that populates most recently uploaded looks that you can either “Love” or “Hate” … simple as that. Not going to lie … I found myself hating a lot … I mean A LOT of looks uploaded … so I refrained from commenting. But I never hesitate to give a good outfit the right amount of props where I see fit. But again … I’m on this App for #1.

Sometimes perfect strangers are the right people to comment on your outfits. I love my friends and family dearly … DEARLY. But sometimes I feel like they humor me on some of the crazytown things I pull together. “OMG you look fantastic … so cute,” sometimes get old and rusty … am I right? And people are scared of saying the wrong things and in turn causing hurt feelings, so sometimes saying something nice is easier than giving a somewhat harsh critique … I get it. I’ve been there and lied to people’s faces before about awful outfits. So uploading your look to a site like this, that really doesn’t ask much information from you, is kind of genius … and by kind of I mean absolutely 100% genius.

And if you are a little shy about uploading a picture of yourself or your style to a site where you know absolutely no one in a sea of 88,000 members … you need to put that timidness away for a better day. I mean, let’s be honest … how many of your “friends” on Facebook are you actually still “friends” with in real life … and no your preschool BFF that you haven’t spoken to in 20 years doesn’t count. So consider this girl world. We are all there to get one thing … approval. We want to know we look good and we want to know if we look like a hot tranny mess. And that is our job to make those truths be told. Word.

Ps.  My username is: LifeSucksInAStraplessBra … get at me.

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