One Year Anniversary Celebration

I remember this time last year pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the hell to say in my introduction post for this blog. I must have re-written it like 500 times. It was too robotic, too salesy, too cutesy, too sentimental, too not me … until I said, “f*ck it (sorry family members who loathe when I curse in my writing), I’m just going to let MY voice and personality loose … weird terminology, curse words and all.

And a solid year later, here I am: Way over 25,000 views, 201 ‘LIKES’ on Facebook, 165 posts, 136 comments, a HUGE social media whore on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and beyond (get at me if you haven’t) … and I can’t help but sit here very humbled by it all. I’ve gotten the opportunity to speak with other fabulous bloggers, received amazing advice, researched interesting and beautiful topics in fashion, used the non-word, but one of my FAV non-words “crazytown” far too much, attended fashion week (AHHH, I’m still in heaven), criticized a ton, and learned a ridiculous amount.

To all the people who commented, reached out and supported me over the past year, in all seriousness, I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards you. I remember the first time I received a comment that was from someone across the country and not a member of my family, friends or co-workers and immediately tears filled my eyes because I knew it was “all happening,” in a sense, and was way beyond any of my initial expectations. I know, sounds corny, but I’m not really the emotional, holy shit let’s watch the Notebook and cry together, kinda gal, so yeah.

Birthing and raising this blog has been a dream of mine for, well … ever, and throughout all of the successes and failures that this year has handed me … I sit here a very proud, grateful and ecstatic blog mama. I look forward to the day when I read this post and say, “25,000 views in one year?! BAH I get that in a day … BOO YAH,” and then do a little touchdown dance. Until then, I can’t stop, won’t stop.

So again, from the bottom of my cynical, strange yet sincere heart, thank you for the light you all have added into my life. Writing this blog is one of my true passions and joys, but knowing there are people at the other end of it reading, laughing, learning, and saying, “what the eff is she on,” makes me shine inside and out.

Here is to YEAR TWO of Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra :::pours out champagne for the homies:::::!

3 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary Celebration

  1. Congrats on the one year anniversary of your blog. I only recently started reading it, and want you to know how much I enjoy it. Looking forward to your continued success!

  2. That is my incredible daughter! I still can’t believe how funny and good you are! here’s to another year of fabulous! Love you

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