Sunday Rituals

Ah Sunday … the lords day of rest. Or in my case, the day that I straighten out my life that I inevitably destroyed since the prior Sunday. My weeks are usually crazytown … and I’m not saying that in a pretentious “omg I’m so booked up my iPhone calendar might explode, la la look at me,” kind of way. When I say that, I think I speak for the majority of women when I say it is a bit complicated and troublesome to keep your house/room clean, yourself looking put together (waxed, nails and hair did), outfits looking original and fly, stayin’ sexy like you know it at the gym, stayin’ healthy and fed properly, hanging out with friends, showing your family love, trying to find romance … whilst keeping your life together and organized. So by the time I get done doing everything in the last sentence, my life looks like an F5 tornado struck it. No lie.

So I was thinking about my personal Sunday ritual. I believe every woman must have one in some retrospect, right? I definitely have different versions of it. There are the Sundays when I’m slightly to mildly hung over and movies, junk food and Diet Coke are what defines my day. And then there are days like today when all I want to do is be a lazy sloth, but need to straighten my shit out because I like to try to start my weeks off organized so I don’t spend my mornings diving into a pile of clothes on my floor trying to find the right look.

So presenting, my typical Sunday ritual (give or take some things):

1. Start the day off by watching some marathon of something: It’s Sunday, so therefore I just have a ridiculous urge to lay in bed and do nothing. So to cater to this urge, I will usually find a crack movie or show to watch. For example, the Style channel had a Sex and the City Marathon on. And it was the 2nd Aden season … hello. Amazing. Bed. Sex and the City equals me in heaven.

2. Do ma hurr: Yeah, I have crazy curly hair. Cray-cray. And you know the age-old excuse “yeah … I just have to wash my hair?” Well for me, it is a legit excuse because it is a production. So I usually will give it a good wash on Sundays so it is nice and straight for the majority of the week until I need to wash it again. Two shampoos, a good conditioning treatment since I burn the shit out of it during the week, letting it air dry, blow it out straight, flat-iron it even straighter. Pro-duct-ion. When it comes to my hair, I am totes high maintenance.

3. Laundry: I just realized a lot of my shirts are sheer. I’m going through this sheer phase, don’t ask me why. So a lot of my clothing unfortunately needs to get dry cleaned. The rest of it I need to do myself, which I try to do on Sundays so I have actual clothing and undies to wear since ya can’t go to work naked, right?

4. Make my closet whole again: Okay, maybe I’m a bit of a spazz during the week, but by Thursday it looks like my closet vommed all over my bedroom floor. It is like the crazy clothing house of horrors. And considering 85% of my wardrobe is black, it is like finding a black needle in a haystack of black clothing trying to find what I’m looking for. To stop myself from going crazy … and late … I try to make sense of my wardrobe. Not saying I color code my closet or any intense stuff like that … but I do like everything on, you know … hangers.

5. Self maintenance: I’m all about the little things. And unfortunately I’m really great at turning a blind eye to them if need be. Like if my eye brows need waxing or if my manicure looks like a crack whore painted them herself. This is like the last thing on my to-do list because it is so troublesome and annoying. But starting the week off with a decent manicure and your eye brows not looking like a bushy hot mess, important and will boost the value of your overall look. Word.

6. Write my face off: This obviously may not be on everyone’s Sunday to-do list, but it’s on mine. We can call this the “work” section. Therefore doing whatever it is you may do for a living on Sunday. Writing is what I loves, not only that but I’ll really whore it out on the social media interwebs for the sake of this blog. Oh the things you’ll do to write.

7. Automobile?: Yeah, I have like a two-hour commute both ways to work each day, so therefore I kind of live out of it. I’ll have a breakfast bar on the way to work (sometimes, even though I don’t fancy breakfast), I’ll drink lots of water. For those of you who have been in my car, you know it is where half drank bottles of water go to die. I’ll get changed in my car, therefore random pieces of clothing will be all over the place. My backseat becomes my shoe wardrobe with 15 different pairs of heels and sandals (a girl changes her mind sometimes, aiight?) Yeah, so to not be ridiculously embarrassed when I have to drive someone around, I like to give it a good once over on Sunday nights so it doesn’t look like I actually live in my car.

8. Hydrate for the love of GOD: Yeah, I’m not just going to speak for myself here, but people like to get there swerve on on Saturday nights. Maybe you aren’t ridiculously hung over, but you may or may not have had a couple of cocktails over the weekend (or several … no judgement). So it is important to start off hydrated and fabulous. That means drinking lots of water, putting on lots of moisturizer, ESPECIALLY under your eyes. If your anything like me, your eyes will be the tell-all of your hangover. So yeah … be good to your body.

9. Do something for me: Even though Sunday is a day to get shit done, it is important to do something for yourself over the weekend. If that means do a little shopping, maybe get a new eyeshadow or mascara, treat yourself to a delicious meal, get a spa treatment (getting your eyebrows waxed, get a mani or pedi). Do something for you that makes you sparkle.

10. Organize. Organize. Organize: The best way to start the week is when everything is in order. Your makeup is all clean and in one place. You know where your hair brush is, you’ve unpacked if you’ve slept out over the weekend, all your jewelry is laid out so it will be easy to accessorize. These things are majorly important for a seamless week. My biggest pet peeve is in the morning when an outfit I concocted doesn’t work and I end up being late to work because of it. Not cool.

And there it is. By Sunday night I’m God damn exhausted. And here I am. Ready to call it a night. Have a great week, lovely ladies and gents.

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