Enough With The Summer Conversation.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say … how the HELL is it August already? My God. But no, seriously. As much as the thought of sweaters, boots, coats, and tights makes me want to cower in the corner in the fetal position … it needs to be thought about.

I do this every year. I buy summer clothes until like October. Why? Because thanks to good ol’ global warming, it stays blazing hot until October and everything summer is usually marked down to a fantastic price. And quite frankly, when I buy something, I want to wear it that second, which you can’t do if you buy fall/winter clothes in the summer. So if I have the option of buying a ridiculously cute sun dress for a ridiculously cute price over a pair of ridiculously expensive leather boots … what do you think wins? Come on.

I gotta say, I’m already seeing very cute fall clothing out and about, and from experience, now is the time to pounce. Because when you are looking for cute fall clothes when the air gets a chill in it, you will find zip. That’s just the way of the fashion universe. In between seasons is notoriously dismal. Until you get closer to the holiday’s, there are slim pickins’ for putting together your perfect fall look.

And before each new season, I like to define what my look is. Fall and winter becomes a bit more cumbersome and expensive as there are many more opportunities to accessorize with scarfs, tights, handbags, gloves, jewelry and beyond. I love minimalism. Live for it as a matter of fact. For the past two winters my theme as been “minimalism,” which has left my closet with a lot of black and grey … which can get a little monotonous after a while (gasp … I know, speaking of black garments in such a fashion … shame on me.)

So here are the things I have on my fall radar, stepping out of my minimalistic box:

Bright Colors: I’m not a huge fan of colors, especially mixed all together in a pattern. But I love me some color statement pieces. Like a bold electric blue skirt, or raging red heels. Those are memorable.

Knee Highs: I definitely want to have a Cher from Clueless moment and bring knee highs into my life. I’ve always been a little attracted to them, flirted a bit … but never committed. I think I’m ready to take the plunge this fall.

Texture Overdose: I think mixing and matching different textures together makes a look pop and give it that “rich” feel. I definitely had a sheer moment this summer, I imagine myself to have a lace, leather, quilted, velvet, angora and beyond moment this fall. Shit is about to get crazy.

Lots of Fab Coats: Last winter I got so exhausted of wearing my same coat over and over again … even though it barely was ever cold enough to wear a coat. But this year I want options. I want a navy pea coat, a nude trench, a velvet coat … I mean my coat wish list is miles long. I blame it on the Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep wore a different coat with every outfit. That is what I want … in a perfect world of course.

Boots Ga-lore: Nothing is sexier and more fantastic than a pair of boots. The past two seasons I’ve had a bit of a fetish with over-the-knee black boots … but  I would like to broaden my horizon a bit. I never find myself attracted to brown boots, but feel as if I need to invest. Steppin’ out of the boot box if you will.

Panel Pants: I saw these on the runway and even though I think they have the potential of making me look like I weigh 1,000 pounds … mama is DYING for a pair of black and white panel pants. I’ll give it a spin, why the hell not.

The Mysterious Long Sleeved Dress: I’ve still yet to find the perfect one … besides the one made by DVF that I can’t afford. But I’m feeling hopeful this season that designers at stores I shop at will get the memo that long sleeve dresses need to happen because homegirl doesn’t always like to have to wear cardigans and blazers to work day in and day out to be “appropriate.” Blah.


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