It’s All About The Little Things …

Sometimes we get a little, how you say, lost in life. It can happen in a flash. One second you are happy as a clam, the next second you are questioning your job, your direction in life, the guy you’re dating, etc., etc., etc. And when life gets overwhelming and you feel like there is nothing that could lift you out of the emotional man-hole that you are in, pour yourself a bottle of wine, yes a bottle … not a glass … and listen to Jagged Little Pill …………. JUUUUUUUUUUST kidding (although that remedy DOES work here and there). No, instead look to the little things in life. I learned this very valuable lesson today.

So I’ve been a little down and out. Hey, I’m human (even though I like to pretend I’m not sometimes for funsies) … we all get to these places. And just when I found myself sitting at work, trying desperately to remain positive and failing miserably, a little package arrived. Side story: I have been looking for the perfect iPhone case for about a year. I’ve been rocking the normal black, rubbery kind that is super conventional yet mad boring all at the same time. I lost my damn mind and invested in a Diane Von Furstenberg case with red hearts all over it, which when I received it wanted to punt it across the room but instead gifted it to my sister (hearts aren’t me … I thought they were, but they are not.) I’m the God damn Goldie Locks of iPhone cases.

And then I found myself on Etsy and fell in love with one, for once. Black and studded magic (seen in the photo above). So I purchased it and realized it was coming from Hong freaking Kong. Like really? AND it would take 14 to like 30 days to arrive. Oh the things we will do for the perfect iPhone case. So today, trying to claw my way out of said emotional man-hole, a small brown box landed on my desk. I opened it, nervous that I would loathe this case or that it wouldn’t fit … because those are the kind of cards I’ve been dealt recently. But to my surprise, not only was it the glass slipper (sorry to cross reference fairy tales here) of iPhone cases, but there was also something else inside the brown box.

Please note the tiny gold flower ring in the picture above. Attached to the sweetest note from the person I bought the case from was this complimentary gold flower ring. Sure it wasn’t real, but it lightened up my day, my mood, my feelings, and slightly boosted me out of said emotional man-hole. Why? It was unexpected, it was really damn cute, and above everything else … really nice. I sat there for a while just staring at this little thing that completely changed my outlook on the day smiling. Did I ask for it? No … but this was sent to me as a thank you for purchasing a product from this company on Etsy. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Sure booze, having a bitch fest with girlfriends, prescription drugs (which I do not condone is any way shape or form, to be clear), listening to music, meditating, going on shopping sprees and beyond can elevate bad moods. But instead, look towards the little things. Find you gold flower ring. It could be really cool packaging on something that makes you smile. Or perhaps a friend noticed you were in a bad mood and got you flowers to cheer you up, just because. I know people who subscribe to Birchbox and forget about it so every month it arrives as a little surprise treat filled with really cool goodies to sample. And sometimes, that month … those are the things that make you stop and smile for once.

It is really important to feel appreciated, acknowledged, cared for, loved, good about yourself … and so I thank this little fake gold flower ring for making me stop for a second, breath and remember all of those things. How it did it? I have no idea. Perhaps it was the surprise, the fact that it was so unexpected, or just because it was so genuinely nice. And hopefully, if and when you need it, you will be able to find your flower ring and or give someone else in need theres.

So lessons learned:

1. Etsy rules

2. Even fake jewelry can turn a frown upside down

3. Did I mention I love my iPhone case? Not really a lesson … but serious, glass slipper of iPhone cases. ‘Nough said.



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