I Would Sell My Mother For Marc Jacobs

Okay … some of you probably GASPED when you read my headline, but let me explain. My mother and I have a joint obsession for Marc Jacobs. And since his Spring 2013 runway show was this evening, I told her I would kindly sell her on the black market to be able to see it live … and she kindly told me she would sell me on the black market for a pair of pilgrim shoes from his fall 2012 line. So there. I’m not THAT much of a heinous daughter.

So I realize I haven’t said much about spring 2013 fashion week … until now. Sigh … I just watched the Marc Jacobs show on my computer like a complete nerd. My cat was on my bed purring, I was in sweats and a hoodie … with my hood up appropriately sipping Emergen-C and pretending it was a martini because I feel like shit. I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE watch fashion shows like this!?

But my GOD. Marc. Jacobs. If anyone knows me at all or even a little, or actually if you’ve seen me from a far a couple of times … you can tell I’m obsessed with black and white. My closet is 85% black and white, everything decor-wise is black and white … I live in a black and white world and I likes it. And Marc birthed black and white for spring 2013 and I am just beside myself. The whole thing was like 1960’s mod beach meets Manhattan.

Exposed hip bones, tall girls wearing flats and flats ONLY, flouncey skirts, black and white striped, well … everything, dress/shirts that barely covered the model’s asses, exaggerated collars and bare mid-drifts (and did I catch a vintage Micky Mouse sweater?) … pure excellence. For me it isn’t just about the clothes when watching a show … it is the music, the lighting, the models. And these girls were super awkward and creepy, the music was mod-trancey by The Fall and … wow yeah … I’m in heaven. Literally my heat has an irregular beat right now.

Ps. I always wonder if these models, as they are strutting down the Marc Jacobs catwalk, who probably just got to spend the past couple of hours watching him and his minions run around backstage, think to themselves, “holy shit … I’m walking in a Marc Jacobs fashion show right now. Literally. This is happening. Act natural.” Yeah … if that were me I would be screaming at the top of my lungs in my head, “OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG.” But I’m also a fashion nerd so … yeah. Back to sipping my Emergen-C martini. Hood up.

Now behold … some of my mother-selling-worthy looks:

Update: Literally as I speak my mother is cutting her hair like one of the Marc models. #Obsessed

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