Donna Karan And I TOTES Have The Same Life

So we can all agree that Donna Karan is fashion royalty … she is a fashion wise man. But after reading about her “average day” in the September issue of Bazaar Magazine … I found the point was truly proven that good things come to those who work their asses off. Sure, people put things of this nature in magazines so we can take a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous … but sometimes while reading like this … I can’t help but laugh … perhaps this is how my green envy shows its fab face.

But let’s take a glimpse at me, a writer, an editor, an average 20-something’s day, compared to the very glamorous and chic Donna Karan’s day … ahem:

7 a.m.:Donna Karan: Brushes teeth, drinks hot water/lemon … not knowing what day it is (due to jet lag back and forth from L.A. to Haiti).

7 a.m.: Me: Alarm has been going off since 6:30 … realized I could definitely sleep for another 15 minutes, hit snooze once again and dozes back off.

7:30 a.m.: Donna Karan: Does yoga/pilates with an instructor who comes to her personal exercise studio in her house overlooking Central Park.

7:30 a.m.: Me: Shit … hit snooze one too many times, going to be late … need to haul ass into hair and makeup (by hair and makeup I mean turning on my flat-iron and throwing something on my face to make me not look like death).

9 a.m.: Donna Karan: Hot bath, steam, oils … she likes her mornings to drag out.

9 a.m.: Me: Either hauling ass into work, praying I don’t get a speeding ticket or just setting up shop at my desk and pouring myself a glass of hot black tea.

9:30 a.m. Donna Karan: Eats breakfast (egg white omelet with spinach), drinks green juices, touches base with daughter, starts making work calls, throws on bodysuit, skinny pant, ballet slipper, and a short leather jacket (she is a uniform dresser). If she has a photo shoot, she’ll have her hair and makeup team come to her apartment to help get glammed.

9:30 a.m.: Me: Already dove head first into my day. My hot black tea is sitting beside me, I have the Verve Pandora station playing in my ears, my red pen is in my hand and I’m responding to emails.

10 a.m.: Donna Karan: She doesn’t rock makeup on an average day. Her staff packs her lunch in little coolers. Looks at the to-do list, starts texting. She’ll write speeches for things like the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago and Barbra Stresisand’s charity concert in Malibu or do interviews whilst in the car with driver.

10 a.m.: Me: Yep … still editing. I’ll probably get up and put more hot water in my tea. Go to meetings. Reevaluate my to-do list. Write a little. Start thinking about lunch as my stomach most certainly will start grumbling. Converse with co-workers, answer text messages. Skip numerous annoying songs on my Pandora station. And edit, edit, edit. (Yawn.)

1 p.m.: Donna Karan: If she can squeeze it in, she’ll go get acupuncture (what?) or get vitamin B shots.

1 p.m.: Me: Time for me to get out of the office. Will wander into town, get something to eat, enjoy the weather. Perhaps do errands, visit the cobbler who does fantastic work on all my broke shoes, bring things to the dry cleaners … you know things I don’t have time to do … ever.

2 p.m.: Donna Karan: Now starts the day, first meeting will go into the second meeting, which will go into the third. She reviews retail, web, the foundation or the collection. There is no average day. Some days it is turning her apartment into a design studio to enjoy her granddaughter’s birthday, or perhaps a trip to Haiti whether giving Reiki at hospitals or working with artisans, or perhaps it is a nice silent yoga retreat.

2 p.m.: Me: This time of day is pretty routine. Same things I’ve mentioned above (yawn) … although now I’m contemplating happy hour.

7:30 p.m.: Donna Karan: Cocktail parties, meetings, dinners. Whatever she is wearing goes right into evening with a shoe change or just removing her jacket. She drinks vodka and club soda because it isn’t fattening. Where ever she is, she is there with a purpose. Then she’ll stop to snuggle with the family.

7:30: Me: I sometimes/or usually have a bag with me that has “just in case” outfits, makeup, shoe options … because God knows where I’ll end up. I’m either at happy hour with co-workers, happy hour with friends, dinner with friends, drinking wine with mother, but usually at home in my bed or desk writing the genius that is Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra. My drink of choice is vodka and club … so cheers DK.

Midnight: Donna Karan: She is in bed, reviewing magazines and going through updates from her office. She’ll review paperwork, fabrics, and ad campaigns. She has hypoallergenic pillows and a black cashmere spread. And she truly enjoys having a foot massage before bed.

Midnight: Me: ZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzz I’m usually comatose by now. My sheets are from TJ Maxx and my cat is probably sleeping on my pillow snoring with me.

So there you have it. My life absolutely seems like a yawn-fest compared to the fabulous and wonderful Donna Karan’s. But like I said … good and fantastic things come to those who work their asses off and this is just more inspiration for me to end my fab days with a foot massage whenever the hell I please.

Much praise to DK.




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