I Got Style …. Yes I Do

So I’m not that “traditional” fashion blogger, I realize this. I don’t wake up in the morning, get dressed and take pictures of myself in the mirror showcasing my outfit of the day, I’m not that guy (not that there is anything wrong with it). Nor do I have an assistant/roommate/henchman to take beautifully candidate photographs of me being all stylish and shit whilst walking down the street. I mean seriously, how do these girls get these pictures of themselves? I always wonder … do they stop people on the street and say, “hey there is a perfect gust of wind, mind photographing me?” It always seems like these girls find the perfect graffiti wall to compliment their outfit making picture magic. If it were me, I would probably fall into a man hole while walking to said beautiful graffiti wall and then I would be face down in a manhole with my legs flailing about and my knickers showing. Now THAT would be a picture.

Now … I also get very uncomfortable getting my photograph taken. I assume it stems from awkward school photos that happened during puberty before I knew what makeup, braces and a hair straightener was … and loved to rock a good ol’ fashion turtle neck. And yes … I’m naturally awkward. If I had to sit in front of a camera and strike a Vogue pose, Jesus I may pee my pants. But at the same time, it fascinates me. I love watching fashion shows and photo shoots. But the thought of being in one makes me break out in small amounts of hives. But I secretly do wish I could do it. I’ve heard/read that getting your photo taken is kind of addictive. That is an addiction I personally never see myself having. Give me large sunglasses and a fake mustache … and I’ll be happy as a clam.

But as a fashion blogger, I realize I need to get over all that jazz … because people want to see yo’ style at the end of the day (or so I think … I mean I stalk the fashion bloggers I follow). So if you are curious about my person style … follow me on Instagram … because I’m an Instagram-aholic. But yes, here is where you can see what I buy, what I hate whilst shopping, what I wear, what I laugh at whilst shopping … and cats. I like to Instagram my damn cat … who doesn’t?

My Instagram handle/username/screen name/InstaName (whatever the hell you call it) is LifeSucksInAStraplessBra (duh). So ‘LIKE’ shit, comment, laugh at me, yell at me … do whatever you need to do, but it is time for me to open up a bit, style wise. Maybe by the time I’m 35 you’ll see me on a TJ Maxx commercial.
Disclaimer: That chick above? Yeah … not me. 🙂

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