LSIASB’s Fav Things – 2013 Styley

screen-shot-2011-11-30-at-9-07-10-pmSometimes I like to pretend I’m Oprah … I mean who doesn’t. And as much as I would love to sit here and say, “you get a lip gloss, you get a cat, and you get a Celine handbag!” making you all go bat shit crazytown … alas I cannot … for I would be living in a van down by the river.

And because we are all in the midst of frantically trying to find those perfect gifts for the impossible people to buy for … I hope I spark some sort of inspiration for you. The list below outlines just a few of the things I have found myself becoming a massive fan of over the past few months. Enjoy … and uh yeah … if anyone feels compelled to buy me that Celine handbag for Christmas, I most certainly would be appreciative. Kay thanks.


Butter London Lippy Gloss: Who knew they made more than nail polishes, right? This lip gloss rocks because it is thick, but not like MAC lip gloss thick. Stays on no matter WHAT you are drinking or how much, and makes you lips feel like little clouds from heaven. Invest immediately … it truly is like buttah.


Celine Handbag: I mean … I would sell my mother on the black market for this bag (sorry Ma). This is my dream handbag … I would probably make out with it if I owned it, too … yes, THAT is how much I adore this bag. It’s a sexy beast … whoa is it getting hot in here? Alright, I’ll stop.


Baby Cat: I already adopted her a few months back, but she brings me more joy than you know. If you are in a life funk or just need a ray of sunshine, adopt a baby cat. The people over at the Animal Welfare Association rock, so go to you local one and help out an animal in need. And, more importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to my baby cat, Ellsworth … EEEE!


Benefit’s Erase Paste: I keep waiting for the day when I get sick of using this product, and in like three years it still hasn’t happened yet. Hung over? Slap some of this magic under your eyes and you’ll immediately look alert and awake. Tired? Erase Paste will take care of that. Feeling like an old hag? Drop 10 years instantly. I’m obsessed.


Disco Ball: Literally everyone needs one. Enough said. It will change your life.


Joy Tea from Starbucks: Since the fancy folks over at Starbucks don’t understand the concept of good ol’ lemon tea, I’ve recently become addicted to their holiday Joy tea. It’s pure holiday magic, and gives you the perfect amount of caffeine to get through the day. I’ll probably cry when it gets discontinued.


Lucite Heels: I wrote a blog post about this a while back about how maybe, just maybe, strippers have had it right all along with lucite heels. I find them fascinating and futuristic, as long as it is just the actual heel that is lucite only. Not trying to rock actual stripper shoes here … not that there is anything wrong with that. But these Shoe Cult Minx Pumps, specifically, made me drool.


Fur Coats: Faux fur, of course. Simmer down, PETA. It’s vintage, it’s romantic, it is perfection all around. Throw on a pair of elbow-length gloves and consider yourself 1950’s perfection. Swoon.


Kiehl’s De-puffing Eye Stick: When people say hangovers get worse the older you get, they really weren’t kidding. For me, my eyes tend to take the brunt of it, getting all puffy and swollen … gross. But this stuff is God’s gift … cooling, smooth, keepin’ me young and shit. Gotta love it.


Cupcake Wine: Specifically Chardonnay. It’s cheap, yet at the same time I always feel fancy whilst drinking it.


Old Navy Rock Star Jeans: I have turned my nose up at Old Navy since I retired my performance fleece when I was 13. I’ll admit it,  I was a snob. But when I slipped into their Rock Star Jeans … I was hooked. They are so cute, fit amazingly and are uber cheap. A word to the wise: Just don’t put them in the dryer … unless you like rockin’ floods in 3 degree weather.



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