Dying For Disco

CaptureLately has any else had the urge to make their hair large and in charge and spin under a massive disco ball to the Bee Gees, or is that just me? Perhaps it is because I feel like I was born in the wrong decade, but that is for another time and another post. But the 70’s are back and blazing. The ghost of Studio 54 is rising. Can ya dig?

I have always had a fascination with the 70’s. I think my intrigue started due to a scene from Forrest Gump … I’m not kidding. Remember when Jenn-aay was in that discoteca doing lines of coke and “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band was playing? Well I wasn’t interested in the doing lines of coke so much as I was by the dance floor and disco balls and music.

Who wouldn’t want to wear sequins and get spun under a disco ball to great music. Some people call disco corny, I call it fantastic. If you don’t immediately get the urge to bust a move when any disco song comes on, I immediately request that you stop reading. Just kidding … but not really … but kind of … but not really.

The movie American Hustle, I believe, has brought the 70’s back, and for that I want to thank it. No, I haven’t seen it, and since I loathe going to the movies, I probably won’t until it is On Demand. In the theater, my ass falls asleep, there is weird shit around my seat, people are snorting and giving their two cents all over the place … I mean give me my couch and a glass of wine any day.

So in honor of the 70’s and American Hustle, I would like to pay homage to some amazing trends that are storming stores and salons all over right now that I want to make out with … yes I adore them THAT much.

JUMP! For Jump Suits … JUMP IN!: Nothing says spin me under a disco ball more than a jump suit. Very Amy Adams in American Hustle who rocked this look flawlessly (from what I can tell from previews, of course). Throw a boyfriend blazer over a jump suit and you can take a Studio 54 look to the office.


Big Hair Don’t Care: I’ve spent YEARS taming my Irish/Italian out-of-control fro. The thing I love about 70’s style is everything was so wild and free … including the hair. No, I’m not condoning perms, nor will I ever. BUT the lose, romantic curls and volume kind of makes me swoon. We all need to let go a little in 2014 … why not start with our hair. Straighteners down, curlers up, ladies.

Put Me Up On Platforms: You can’t do disco or the 70’s without a fierce pair of platforms. Platforms, not flatforms. If I could light one piece of fashion of fire forever, it would be flatforms. But I won’t lie to you when I say I would LOVE to put a pair of platforms with goldfish inside the heel on my feet just once in my life. But right now, the designer who I think knows platforms the best, without a doubt, is my lover Jeffrey Campbell. He gets it. Go to him. He’ll explain.

JCShow Me The Sequins: I wouldn’t call myself a gaudy person at all, but I’m not lying when I say I wish I could dress in sequins every single day. I just bought this amazing black, full-sequin cardigan at a vintage store, and the beauty is you can wear it out on the town, or over a  t-shirt and jeans. Sequins jazz up a boring look, or can make you stand out as you finger point back and forth to “Stayin’ Alive” (can you tell I’m like a ridiculously HUGE Bee Gees fan?) So I say every girl needs a full sequins piece in their wardrobe, whether it is a cardigan, shorts, t-shirt, headband, or just something with full sequin accents. They will make your life grand, trust.

Deep Vs … VA-VA-VA Voom: Nothing is sexier than a deep V, as long as it is tasteful, of course. American Hustle (again from previews I’m gaining this info) has some epically brilliant deep V numbers that both Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence rocked. They make me soon. I dream of a deep V woman’s tuxedo … one day, one day.


Fur, Baby, Fur: Not REAL fur, alright, PETA, pipe down. But I’m not going to lie when I say I have adopted an obsession with fur. And quite frankly, you were a nobody if you weren’t strutting into Studio 54 in a fur coat. Now-a-days, it is all about the fur vest, but I say go big or go home. Vintage stores have amazing faux fur coats for great prices, or this one from Free People. Hunt them down (no pun intended) and make them your own.


I Love GOOOOLLLLD (If you get this reference, I adore you): Two years ago I would have been trying violently to sell all of my gold since the price of it was so ridiculously high, and quite frankly I was more of a silver person. Now, I’m coveting gold. It has become my lover. I’m investing in gold statement pieces and have given the middle finger to my silver pieces. Big, bold gold makes me swoon and makes an outfit stand out. My words to your wardrobe.

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