R.I.P. Loehmanns … R.I.P.

Unknown-1Sigh … I don’t have words really. Rarely do I take stores closing to heart, but this one hits home for me. The moment my mom saw that fashionable interest in my eye as a young girl, she taught me there is absolutely nothing wrong with discount shopping. Nothing. Right after we had that talk, she introduced me to Loehmanns … I want to say I was 13. She taught me throughout myriads of shopping trips there that at places like Loehmanns is only where you find all the good and interesting stuff that not everyone has. Who cares if it is “last season,” what does that even mean in the “real world”? Right!? And my God was the woman correct.

I have been shopping at Loehmanns for … hmm a solid 14 years, with my mom. It is our place. I have so many lovely memories of walking around that store with so much clothing in my hands to try on that I could barely carry it all and walked out with a severe back pain. Of scoring my first piece of designer clothing, a Marc by Marc sweater, for a ridiculous price that made me do a legit happy dance. I remember exactly what the sweater looked like, too, 10 years later. When I was obsessed with the show the Look for Less (remember that oldie but goodie?), and made it my life’s mission to find designer looks for less with the help of Loehmanns. If only I blogged back then because I made magic happen, kids. And how shitty it was when you had a failed Loehmanns trip and walked away empty handed. Murderous rage is the only way I can explain it.

For some reason whenever I went to Loehmanns, I always had this desire to step out of my style box, hence the insane amounts of clothing I would always take into the dressing room (God bless the dressing room attendants). It was my place to go, relax, and explore. There was always so much to choose from style-wise: preppy, edgy, hippy, trendy, and garments that were so unique I couldn’t just give them a glance and walk on by. I really owe this store for my style evolution over the years.

I suppose you won’t understand any of this unless you experienced it, and if you haven’t, well I’m sorry you missed out on one of the most epically brilliant discount stores EVER. For me it is about the memories. It is about scoring insanely good deals (if you are a Loehmann’s Gold Card holder, you feel me). It is about the classic times my mother and I shared there enjoying afternoons of shopping together and being jealous of the looks we scored. And it is now wondering where the HELL I will shop now!? I hate malls, and Nordstrom Rack can only get you so far … so what’s next, huh?

Loehmanns … if you are listening, thanks for all the good times and countless amounts of amazing outfits and accessories for insane prices … like MIND BLOWING prices. J Brand jeans for $30, yep. A wool sweater originally $100 that I got for $25 … mmm hmm that’s right. Sigh. The amount of money I have handed you over the years … well … yeah … I would rather not think about that. But all was worth it.

I look forward to my last, very sad trip, which will probably consist of fighting crazy bitches over the even more ridiculous deals you will probably be shelling out and a bit of tears. I may wear all black and a black veil to match, too … just saying.

Goodbye, old friend. Now will someone find me a replacement … like ASAP!



One thought on “R.I.P. Loehmanns … R.I.P.

  1. I started shopping at Loehmann’s after I moved to NYC this past summer. It’s one of my favorite stores for sure! I love hunting for goodies there and it is truly a fun, relaxing exploration every time. I’m so SAD to see it go… Not sure where to go for a similar shopping experience in the future. 😦

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