Power Brows

tumblr_mahbppvjjy1qjgjwko1_1280I remember the days when my eye brows were the bane of my existance. Picture it: My young middle school self, already 5’8 and awkwardly thin, desperately trying to pump the breaks on the whole puberty nonsense. No I didn’t wrap my taa’s with an ace bandage or anything, but I did turn a blind eye to the training bras my mom would sneak into my Christmas stocking.

When I was 13, my brows had a life of their own. They were bushy, curly, and pretty much about to take over real estate on my eye lids. The only person who appreciated them was my Nana who thought I was the next Brooke Shields, but every other person in my life just wanted to tackle me and take wax to my face.

When I did finally bite the bullet and get them waxed, they were insanely thin. Like pencil thin. That was the look, and still is, kind of. Eye brows should not take center stage, they should just be there to frame your face a bit, right?

Well maybe a year ago I would have agreed with you, but recently I have actually started to pay attention to my brows a bit more. Usually I would just notice stray hairs and decide when to schedule a waxing appointment, but as of recent, I’ve been focusing on their color, length, and thickness (by the way I loathe that word, I can’t believe I just said it.)

Insert the eye brow pencil stage right. Now I never understood why women used such a thing. I just thought it was for ladies who didn’t have brows, or luscious brows, but I was sorely mistaken. And since I was craving darker, more prominent brows, I marched myself to Sephora and purchased my very first eye brow pencil at the age of 27.

I gotta say … by actually giving a shit about my eyebrows has given me a totally new look. The whole experience of embracing the “Power Brow” was really empowering, and I have no idea why. Like for example, my eyebrows were much lighter than the color of my hair … AND I had a few gray brow hairs. Gray brow hairs!

I want to give a slow clap to Brook Shields who started this “Power Brow” movement years back and who dealt with a lot of criticism for it. She made it okay for models like Hilary Rhoda and Cara Delevingne to rock the power brows … which then trickled down to gen pop (hello, self).

So the moral of my story is brows do matter and an eye brow pencil can change your life. Boom.

Brooke Shields_4_11

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