Style Stud: Barneys Spring Campaign

enhanced-buzz-wide-1505-1391123949-37I want to give Barneys New York a slow clap, I really do. Not only is their spring campaign absolutely gorgeous and brilliant, but they are shining a light on a very important group of people who either get shunned or turned a blind eye to.

It is so important to embrace your loved ones, and even ones you may not love so much, for who they are. We shouldn’t be trying to fix or change people, it’s a waste of good energy. Instead we should be loving them for their flaws and imperfections, because like I said before, nothing is sexier than some good ol’ fashioned flaws. And quite frankly nothing is worse than having to pretend to be something you most certainly are not from your style to your sexuality to your religious or political beliefs and beyond.

Transgender people aren’t any different than you and I. We all walk along every day trying our best to be true to ourselves, and that is all they are doing. Am I right? I encourage more brands to open themselves up to doing inclusive acts like this, because even though it may be “controversial” and you may lose support from some of your old school followers … think to yourself, do you REALLY want them standing behind your brand anyways?

Rarely do I push my readers to shop at specific stores, but 10% of Barneys sales from its flagship store on February 11 will be going to the LGBT Center in NYC. If you happen to be in the area, go buy yourself something pretty and special for a good cause.


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